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TV Recap: Key & Peele, Season 4 Premiere


Plot: Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele bring their fourth season of sketch comedy back to Comedy Central — this time employing a True Detective-esque “car ride conversation” as their interstitial.

For the past few years the comedy nerds in my life have told me that Key & Peele is a must-watch show. Outside of their now famous college football bowl parodies, their show never really entered my mind as something I should even check out.

Yet, after seeing the duo steal the show in FX’s Fargo earlier this year, I felt inspired to finally check out a full episode of their 30-minute sketch show on Comedy Central.

My ignorance of this duo’s amazing show should land me in comedy jail. It is one of the funniest, most intelligent and witty comedies I’ve seen on television in a long, long time. In fact, this show reminds me so much of the early days of In Living Color — playing with the idea of race and sexuality and pushing the envelope in a tasteful and fun way. There’s nothing disgusting or vulgar going on here, this is comedy for people who like to find a message underneath their laughs. Yet, at the same time, like In Living Color, it doesn’t hang out in this pretentious and cerebral tier of comedy. It has no problem going for plain, silly fun. It’s a wonderful balance.

The Season 4 premiere is a tight, high laugh-per-minute romp, where every sketch is a home run (“Alien Imposters” and “Gay Wedding Advice” were the absolute best). The chemistry Key and Peele have is mind-blowing and without it, the show would (obviously) fail. They each can play the fool and the straight man perfectly, not something ever comedic duo can pull off.

So, I leave you, the reader, with the same advice that my trusted, comedy nerds gave me — watch Key & Peele because it is one of the funniest and most intelligent shows on television.



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