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Pop-Ed: David Fincher – The Good, The Bad, The Forgotten


David Fincher is one of those directors that film snobs gush over, and for good reason. He’s done a lot of cult favorites, including Fight Club, which I guarantee would get a lot of “Best Movie Ever” votes if you took a national poll. While a big Fincher fan myself, he hasn’t been super consistent, but when he hits, he hits big. Fincher is also one of those rare directors who can be Academy friendly, but also remain hip for the film school crowd. His new film Gone Girl (which opens this weekend) looks to play to both crowds once again. In a slight deviation from our “Three to Watch” segment, let’s revisit three specific works from Mr. Fincher – one good, one bad, and one little known sequel you probably forgot about.

Daniel Cohen
Daniel Cohen
Daniel Cohen likes movies and bagels, and that’s pretty much it. Aside from writing Box Office predictions, Daniel hosts the monthly Batman by the Numbers Podcast on the Breakcast feed. Speaking of Batman, If Daniel was sprayed by Scarecrow's fear toxin, it would be watching Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on a non-stop loop.

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