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31 Days of Horror 2014: Hatchet


When a New Orleans tour boat breaks down in the part of the swamp rumored to be haunted by a murderous ghost, the tourists find themselves stuck in the middle of a vengeful murder spree where they are forced to fight for their lives.

Hatchet is this decade’s answer to slasher classics like Friday the 13th and Halloween. It brings modern day gore to the classic slasher storyline.


Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder) was born hideous deformed and hidden from the outside world by his father. When local kids come to bully and torture Victor, the house catches on fire and Victor is accidently killed by a hatchet to the head by his father who is trying to break down the door. His father eventually dies from grief and Victor’s ghost returns to haunt the swamp to get revenge for both his and his father’s deaths.

The tourist group consists of the tour guide, an amateur porn director and his two actresses, an older couple, two random males and a girl, Marybeth (Tamara Feldman), in search of her missing father and brother.

One by one, Crowley kills them off with various power tools and with his pure unnatural strength, leaving the swamp decorated in blood and guts. My favorite kill is when Crowley takes a belt sander to a girls face. It sounds gross but it is hilarious!

Hatchet is gore filled hilarity for the slasher fan. The story is absolutely ridiculous and the gore is so far beyond over the top, but that is the charm of the film. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking for more fun and less scares. If it helps persuade you, the film is slammed full of boobs, as any good slasher should be.

If you enjoy it, there are two very fun sequels to partake in after, both of which star my personal favorite Danielle Harris, who has a shower scene in each.

So grab yourself some popcorn and prepare to laugh your head off, before Crowley tears it off for you.

Ann Hale is the horror editor for Pop-Break.com and a senior contributing writer, reviewing horror movies and television shows. She is also the American Correspondent for Lovehorror.co.uk. Ann attended East Carolina University, majoring in English Literature. She is a collector of Halloween (the film) memorabilia and is a self-admitted opinionated horror nerd. You can follow her, her collection and her cat, Edward Kittyhands on Twitter and Instagram @Scarletjupiter

Ann Hale
Ann Hale
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