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TV Recap: Jane the Virgin, Series Premiere


Plot: A young, devout woman (Gina Rodriguez) discovers that she was accidentally artificially inseminated.

I know, I know. The premise of Jane the Virgin is kind of silly. Jane (Gina Rodriguez) has been saving herself for marriage, but her distraught gynecologist accidentally artificially inseminates her and she becomes pregnant. But yet even in the trailers there was an element here pulling me in. Because really, the only silly thing about this is the wacky gyno mixup. But after that? What an interesting and different concept.! How complicated Jane’s feelings must be — everything she’s done in her life up to this point has been to keep herself from getting pregnant before she’s ready, and it was actually someone else’s mistake that cause her whole life to change.


Not only does Jane the Virgin bring us some complex emotions to think about, it also successfully pays homage to traditional telenovelas. The show manages to create a balance, toeing a fine line between the kind of drama, secrets, and twists you’d expect from your favorite Spanish soap opera, while simultaneously creating realistic and grounded characters, and a universe that almost feels normal. It’s clever, whimsical, and intriguing. I have a lot of respect for the way this pilot played out, and I am excited to see what’s to come from this season.

Everyone is well cast, but Gina Rodriguez especially stands out as Jane. There were a few moments I laughed out loud, and they all went to her.

I know this is a super short review, but anything else I could say would give away all the delicious twists and fun complications! This show is just delightful, and intensely well executed in a way you don’t usually see from this kind of source material. If you’re looking for a nitty gritty drama, or a writerly Sorkin piece, then… well you probably shouldn’t be watching the CW. But if you’re interested in something fun and different, that puts a new spin on an old classic – tune in to Jane the Virgin because you will not be disappointed.

Rating: 8/10



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