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NYCC Panel Update: The Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy

Written by Ryan Demarco


Panelists: Peter David, Executive Editor Mike Marts, Katie Kubert, Co-Creator of Wolverine, Len Wein, Adam Kubert, Brian Michael Bendis, Charles Soule, Gerry Duggan, Greg Pak and Jordan D. White

On October 15th, Wolverine died!

That was the opening message given by the Marvel panel at this year’s Comic Con. The opening message sent a shock wave throughout the room as fans learned that one of their favorite X-Men would be no more.

This was hardly breaking news for fans since Marvel announced their plans of killing off the Marvel legend earlier this year by kicking off the story arc 3 Months to Die. That arc directly led into September 1st first issue of the final four issue arc known as Death of Wolverine. Each issue of DOW focused on different aspects of Logan’s life which allows the reader to reflect also. Well fans, after decades of memorable issues, fights, and lines, the mutant known as Logan who first appeared in issue #181 of The Incredible Hulk, met his demise on last Wednesday.


The panelists went into detail about the planning process behind this bold move and what it was like for the artists and writers to be involved in the “final” story featuring the clawed mutant. “This was the most fun we have ever had killing someone off!” joked writer Charles Soule. “It was interesting to put Logan up against an adversary he could not beat, since he always comes out on top”. The arc was approached from a standpoint of closure. Since the release of the first three issues of Death of Wolverine, fans have given an overwhelmingly positive response towards Marvel, which was much appreciated by the panelists.

But now that Logan will be gone, what comes next?

Marvel was quick to answer that particular fans question. They gave a great presentation to what’s on deck for the next few months:

“You’re going to enter a world without Wolverine,” Executive producer Mike Merts commented, “We have some great titles coming which will show the ramifications of Logan’s death”.

Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy #1 (of 7) October 15th by Charles Soule

With Wolverine permanently out of the picture, forces of both good and evil will scramble to fill the void. Characters such as Mystique, Lady Deathstrike, X-23, and Sabretooth will be some of the many who appear in this seven issue limited series. It was examine those looking to rise up who have either fought alongside Logan or those who were determined to bring him down for good.

Death of Wolverine: The Weapon X Program #1 November 5th by Charles Soule

This new series will center on the newly revamped Weapon X program and the five subjects who escape the facility. However while on the run, they will have many obstacles to overcome such as avoiding recapture, surviving and figuring out their mysterious connection to Wolverine.

Death of Wolverine: Deadpool and Captain America (One Shot) October 29th by Gerry Duggan


Now that Wolverine is dead, plans of stealing his DNA and trying to replicate him are in the works, well Deadpool and Steve Rogers may have something to say about that. If you aren’t interested in this one shot, just simply buy it for that genius cover art which was drawn by Ed McGuinness!

Storm #4-6 (November to January) by Greg Pak

This three issue arc will center on Storm’s reaction to her lover’s death. Upon Logan’s death, Storm world is thrown into disarray and as she scrambles to put all of the pieces together. She will set herself on a mission of taking care all of Wolverine’s unfinished business. Writer Greg Pak promises a “big shake up and change of status quo” to Storm’s universe as we see just how far she will go.

Wolverines (January 2015) by Charles Soule

Starting in January, Marvel will release a weekly comic series that focuses on characters left behind in the wake of Wolverine’s death such as Mystique, Sabretooth, X-23 and others. This series is poised to build a grander picture in the X-Men universe.

Other noteworthy books coming soon

Deadpool: The Art of War (October 15th) By Peter David

Sun Tzu’s Art of War has been known as the definitive work on military strategy. Once Deadpool realizes this he sees it as a great chance to get the whole world to go to war while he rips off the book trying to get a book deal at the same time. Readers will get a chance to see other Marvel Heroes in the midst of war. Writer Peter David promises that this book is one for the ages and assures that readers will fall in love with Deadpool all over again!


Return of the Living Deadpool (January 2015) By Cullen Bunn

So if you were waiting to see Wade Wilson fight zombies again, well your wish is granted! The last time Deadpool was up against the zombie apocalypse he was able to use his healing factor to prevent the end of humanity. Now this time there is a catch, the zombies are back but instead of zombies turning people into zombies, any zombie that takes a bite out of Deadpool they turn into another Deadpool, each have a different aspect of his split psyche. So imagine hordes of Deadpool, all who might not get along with one another!

All New X-Factor #15 (October 22nd) by Peter David

Washington D.C. is burning, but will the X-factor help put out the fire or watch the capitol turn to ash?


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