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TV Recap: The 100, ‘The 48’ (Season 2 Premiere)


Summary: Clarke (Eliza Taylor) struggles to make sense of her bizarre surroundings. The survivors of the Ark face physical and moral dilemmas. Jaha (Isaiah Washington) makes a heroic decision.

One think I will say going into this is that the “Previously On” was severely lacking details, and while I remember many things that happened on The 100 last season… I probably forgot A LOT as well. And now that basically everyone is separated, this show got more confusing. I’m not saying it was bad or unenjoyable — it just could have really used an extensive “Previously On.” Womp womp.


In the finale I vaguely remember there being a HUGE showdown between our 100 and the Grounders. At the end, the 100 sent up a flare to let the people in space know it was safe to come down to Earth. So they all came down except for Isaiah Washington. He sacrificed himself for the good of his people. I had hoped he would really die, but I knew he wouldn’t. He’s the biggest name on the show. So I ask you people… if the only real “name” on your show is an asshole who publicly outed a beloved fellow actor using a homosexual slur… do you really need a “name?” I mean… this is the CW. People are going to watch the show anyway. Nobody in the target Y.A. demographic knows who Isaiah Washington is. And the smart older people like me who are obsessed with many CW shows because they’re doing amazing things with television these days… we don’t care if 10 years have passed. We still hate him.

To be fair though, Isaiah Washington isn’t a huge part of the story. He doesn’t feel important. But you can just tell that they will never kill him off and they’ll always give him stuff to do.

The most important storyline here is Clarke. She has made it to Mount Weather, where it turns out there’s been a colony of of humans living and surviving this entire time, but they’re in danger of the radiation outside. So they’ve sealed everyone inside, and they are not allowed out. They found 48 survivors! Considering the battle, the inter-group killings, and everything – half really isn’t that bad. But it’s not good enough for Clarke because, despite being the leader who should really be happy that so many of her people are alive and safe, the two objects of her love triangle are still out there and she’s convinced they are alive.

She’s right of course. We know they’re alive, and still fighting against the Grounders. Plus, there is totally something off with that Mount Weather president. He told her they found no other survivors, which is clearly bullshit since we know that not only are at least 7 of The 100 still out there (and probably more we don’t know by name!), but the inhabitants of The Ark just landed so there’s basically a shit ton of people out there for the guards of Mount Weather to find.

This was basically your typical transition episode. Not intensely good, but not bad either. In my opinion, it revealed a lot too quickly. But that’s the transition episode – the reveals are not the story they want to tell this season. Hopefully they have something even better planned out. We’ll see!

Rating: 6/10


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