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Interview: The Cast of Bob’s Burgers

Written by Lauren Stern | Photos by Al Mannarino, Eric Reichbaum (FOX)

Photo Credit: Al Mannarino
Photo Credit: Al Mannarino

Now that the 2014 World Series has come and gone, television viewers everywhere can once again be treated to FOX’s Sunday Comedy Line-up. To kick off the festivities, the network will air the Halloween episode of Bob’s Burgers, which spotlights fan-favorite Tina Belcher (voiced by Dan Mintz)’s romantic relationship with a boy ghost. However, after the episode premieres this Sunday, show creator Loren Bouchard told us that fans can expect a few special surprises.

“We wanted to bring back Millie Frock (voiced by Molly Shannon), who locked all of the kids in the fort in last year’s Halloween Episode, ‘Fort Night,’” Bouchard disclosed during a roundtable interview at New York Comic Con, “Louise and Millie go against each other again.”

In addition to this sneak peek, Bouchard and cast members John Roberts (Linda Belcher), Kristen Schaal (Louise Belcher), Eugene Mirman (Gene Belcher), Bobby Tisdale (Zeke) gave us more details on the upcoming Christmas episode, which features Bill Hader as Bob Belcher’s father.

Photo Credit: Eric Reichbaum (FOX)
Photo Credit: Eric Reichbaum (FOX)

“We see two flashbacks in that episode and they span a couple of decades. You see him as a 14-year-old, when his father first really breaks his heart because he likes the “Burger of the Day” [idea] at his dad’s restaurant and his dad rejects that. Bob is crushed; it was a defining moment in his childhood. Then we see where he breaks up with his dad. The last time they had any sort of relationship was when they were in the restaurant together. Then we reach out to the present tense,” Bouchard explained.

“It’s the holidays and Linda wants to bring them back together again,” Roberts added in his renowned Linda voice.

Aside from getting the juicy details on Season 6, it was cool to hear Bouchard and the cast talk so openly and positively about feminism, especially now given that open discussion of the movement is ever so important.

“I would consider all the characters to be feminists,” Bouchard said instantaneously when asked about the character’s feminist stance.

“I think we have the best female writers on the staff and that really resonated too,” Roberts said, “They’re really smart women and even the men are sensitive to women’s needs in the writers’ room. I think that resonates a lot with the female characters. They’re smart, they think from the top of their heads.”

“Yeah, and not with their ding-dongs,” Mirman added, generating a few laughs from the group.

Mirman’s humorous one-liner aside, Bouchard admitted he was just happy that the viewers take notice of these ideals through all of the characters.

“It’s nice that people recognize in the characters what we recognize,” he said, “We certainly tried to give the characters a dimensionality and make them funny but grounded at the same time, but hopefully funny. It’s really, really nice when they resonate.”


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