The WWE-Ek: Survival of the Cheapest



It is time for the Week!

It has been a confusing one, this is for certain. WWE has begun their major push for Survivor Series, already announcing the main event will be a Team Cena vs. Team Authority five-on-five Traditional Survivor Series match. I can call it now, this will be one of two “traditional” matches. The other will likely feature the Divas, thus continuing the tradition of the annual longest-bathroom-break. We will get Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt, seems like Los Matadores will be the next challengers to the WWE Tag Team Champions The Dusts because there is no one else left, and Alexander Rusev will face Sheamus for the United States Championship, because this is what you do right after beating The Great Khali on SmackDown. I am not making this up.

The crumbling Authority storyline might get shifted somewhat as rumors are abound Randy Orton is injured. Poor guy. Just when the internet started to like him again. Speaking of injuries, Big Show capped off SmackDown to announce Daniel Bryan is having yet another surgery, this time on his elbow. Big Show also got put through the arena because Mark Henry was being Mark Henry again.

Ryback is back! Seems everyone has completely forgotten how useless and worthless WWE made him out to be in the past year. Perhaps he is allowed out of whatever doghouse he was in, and might get to be put over once more. The guy is talented. But the whole “Big Bully Busick” gimmick was damn horrible. He’s hoping for good things.

Curtis Axel. Shrug.

Wade Barrett is still out, and this makes me sad. However, I have hope he will return with the Bad News gimmick and get his Intercontinental Championship right back. I still think at some point Damien Sandow either turns or pulls a stunt-double accident and winds up taking the IC Title. But right now it looks like Seth Rollins might get an unexpected title match since their feud is in its infancy. Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler would tear the house down.

Speaking of homes crashing, let’s move onto TNA. Their current landlord, SpikeTV is politely reminding them of their eviction notice. Rumors flew this week a new TV deal might secure Impact Wrestling a new home. Their title has a new home, around the waist of Bobby Roode. This is a guy who I couldn’t stand years ago, but has finally become comfortable will stepping outside that comfort zone and expanding his in-ring and mic skills. I will not say he is the best the company has, but right now he’s the best main event title holder out of the majority of main eventers. What worries me most is whether they will pull some WCW shtick by suddenly having face and heel turns on a weekly basis and start breaking up good teams. Oh wait, they started splitting The Wolves? Oh crap. Goddamn you TNA. You take the most talented tag team from Ring of Honor, make them your own champs, and now you want to split them? For the love of… Have they not learned things like this do not work?

Some news from Global Force Wrestling, which is not news about GFW at all, but about New Japan All Pro. AJ Styles lost the IWGP Heavyweight Championship to Hiroshi Tanahashi when Yoshi Tatsu, better known as Naofumi Yamamoto in Japan returned to beat up Jeff Jarrett. Somehow they bill Jeff Jarrett as the mastermind behind the Bullet Club. You see, this saddens me because once again, Double J has to assert his ego in front of everything. Did any of this promote GFW? Not in the slightest. What it did promote, Jeff Jarrett still has the spotlight craving attitude seen when he was running TNA. Until GFW starts doing something besides hawking 8x10s, hiring former NASCAR drivers, and showing random people boarding planes, this company is a whole lot of hot air. Pains me to say it, but until I see results, I see nothing.