TV Review Bonus: WWE RAW Post-Show on the WWE Network



The post-RAW show live on the WWE Network begins with Randy Orton being stretchered out. They don’t even wait for him to reach the ramp as the military-style theme of Alexander Rusev hits. Lana is very distracting. Just saying. Sheamus makes his way into the ring, and Lillian Garcia does the special title bout introductions.

Very interesting dueling crowd chant usually reserved for John Cena erupts early on as a “let’s go Sheamus / Sheamus sucks” rings out. I guess since Cena was not on RAW at all tonight the live crowd in Buffalo had to fit it in. Sadly, interest in the match was lost quickly as JBL chants followed. Sheamus continues to fight off the onslaught of Rusev, but this one goes back and forth like a bad bar-room brawl. Rusev attempts the Accolade, and Michael Cole has to beat the fact Sheamus has never tapped out like a dead horse. Sheamus powers out and throws the Russian with the White Noise.

Sheamus gets the crowd riled for a Brough Kick, but misses as half the arena is already empty. Rusev whacks the Celtic Warrior twice with thrust kicks and then locks in the Accolade. Sheamus does not tap, but passes out! The referee calls for the bell and awards the United States Championship to Rusev!

Lawler pulls the “this is a day which will live in infamy” line and JBL laments this is the same championship he once held, now in the hands of this barbarian.

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