The Singles Party: Imagine Dragons


Imagine Dragons, are finally dropping a new record (date to be determined) to follow-up to their can’t-escape-it smash record, Night Visions. The album spawned such hits as “Radioactive,” and “Demons” and was an absolutely juggernaut on pop and alternative rock radio formats. So, when the band released their single, “I Bet My Life,” the crew at The Singles Party had to check it out.

Justin Matchick: Imagine Dragons intends this to be something inspiring, something uplifting. This song just sounds too generic to make any sort of lasting impact. I was not a huge fan of the band’s first album and this single doesn’t give me much hope for the next one. While the song is helped by some good production that gives it a big, epic feel during the chorus, the rest of the song is marred by some weird choices. A sample of what sounds like a gospel singer hitting a high note punctuates the verses every few seconds and winds up serving as a distraction more than a positive addition to the mix. Fans of the band’s first album might find something to like here, but count me out. Verdict: One and done.

Al Mannarino: I was lucky enough to see Imagine Dragons perform live the week their album came out. Coincidentally it was also the week they started topping the charts. When they played on that rainy summer day in Philadelphia it started out like any other alternative rock performance. It wasn’t until they played “Radioactive” that the entire mood of the crowd changed. They weren’t just seeing a band, they were witnessing the beginning of something big. They would end up selling out most of their headlining tour that followed and would dominate the Top 40 for the remainder of the year.


It’s been two years since their debut, Night Visions, and Imagine Dragons have released the “I Bet My Life,” the first single off their yet untitled sophomore effort. The track isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s still a very enjoyable track from a quality group. Night Visions contained a slew of bombastic hits so it was a little disappointing that the first track from the next album wasn’t in the same vain as “Radioactive,” or “Demons.” Nevertheless, I am still excited to hear more from Imagine Dragons and I can’t wait for the new album. Verdict: One and done

Kelly O’Dowd: I’m disappointed. Here I thought it was going to be an interesting song, but instead, all that runs through my mind is “What the hell IS this?” I can’t say that I’m a fan of ID to begin with, but I really like their past singles. This is not that. And what’s with that weird sample? That takes me out of the song instead of immersing me. Verdict: One and done.

Lisa Pikaard: I have never been an Imagine Dragons fan but I’ve also never had a problem with them. Their songs are catchy enough and I don’t mind listening to them. This track, however, really does not do it for me. I was digging the initial vibe but then the background noises started. Instead of enhancing “I Bet My Life, the noises cause the song to becomes cluttered and disjointed. Then, as I continued to listen, all I could think of was Phillip Phillips. This sounds like a weak attempt to emulate his vibe and contrasting chorus and verses. I will not be betting my life, or anything for that matter, on “I Bet My Life.” This song is catchy enough to get some buzz but it does not have any distinguishing moments that make it worth my download or time. Verdict: One and Done.

Lucas P. Jones: I’m usually a fan of Imagine Dragons, but I have to say that I’m not really into this track. To me, it seems disjointed; like they had three or four things they wanted to do, and just kind of mashed them together. Its not bad necessarily, but I definitely wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to it again. Verdict: one and done

Final Verdict: Nope. Just nope.

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