The Future of Superhero Movies


The superhero movie franchise unveiled its long-term plans as both Marvel and D.C. have announced films and television line-up up to roughly 2020.

The question struck us – what is the future for superhero movies – has the breaking point arrived?

So, we tapped our resident comic book readers, superhero movie fanatics and television writers to answer four simple questions…

1. Are superheroes facing over-saturation in today’s media?

2. How can superhero content stay fresh over the next few years?

3. What will we be saying about the superhero genre in five years?

4. Out of all the movies that have been announced, what will be the best overall film?

Pop-Break film editor Daniel Cohen, Video Games editor Logan J. Fowler, Senior Writer and Wrestling columnist Michael Dworkis, staff writer and Mad Bracket Status host Matt Kelly and Arrow columnist and regular contributor Marisa Carpico tackled these questions.

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