Network Event Recap: Survivor Series 2014


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Another one in the history books, and yes, history was made tonight.

A new and not at all improved Fandango defeated Justin Gabriel in a decent match, but no more “Fandangoing” music. Wade Barrett announces he is returning soon, so it’s bad news for anyone who gets in his way.

We saw an impromptu Suplex-fest between Cesaro and Jack Swagger, and we got more suplexes thrown in this match, than the rest of the card combined. Swagger wins by forcing Cesaro to tap out to the Patriot Lock. Eyebrow raising moment where Cesaro cut a promo about his remaining neutral until he decided to be an “Authority guy.” Zeb Colter returns fire with a remark about hiding Nazi gold during World War II. Oh boy.

Michael Cole makes one of many stupid comments throughout the night, pointing out how Swagger was set to be on Team Cena, except he was taken out of action by Seth Rollins. But… if Swagger is wrestling tonight, clearly he was not “taken out.” Sigh.

The pay-per-view itself was incredibly solid. Starting off was the Fatal Four Way Tag Team Championship match. Not as fast-paced as one would have thought, but had a solid flow with each time getting ample ring time. The whole match was dominated by “We Want Mizdow” chants, and got so many teases for a hot tag to him. Finally, Miz tagged him in, only to be tagged out thanks to a blind tag by Goldust. There’s your heel heat. The end came when Miz splattered an Uso with the Skull Crushing Finale, Damien Sandow then blind tags himself in, pins, and wins the championship. Lots of “yay” and “boo” cheers when Miz and Mizdow alternate crowd taunts. Miz held both Tag Team Championships, so I fully expect Damien to show up tomorrow night with two toy Tag Team titles on RAW.

Next up was a disaster of a Divas Survivor Series match. All you need to know is the face team pulled off a clean sweep, with Naomi pinning Paige at the end. Crowd chanted “We Want Mizdow.” Not making that up.

Backstage we got the setup for a bonus filler match with Adam Rose and The Bunny against Heath Slater and Titus O’Neal. Craptacular. The match takes place later but I’ll just go ahead and tell you now, the Bunny wins it with a missile dropkick while Rose is stunned to the point of reaching for a tag after the match has ended while his Rosebuds carry Mr. Bunny to the back.

In the expected match of the night, Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt pulled off a slaughterhouse of a match. This one was truly so even, there was never a clear dominator during the match. They switched from wrestling to brawling and back throughout the contest. Crowd chanted with “this is Awesome” for which it did deserve. The conclusion was the real kicker, Wyatt taunting Ambrose with the mic, then slides in two chairs. Oops, Ambrose grabs one first. Wyatt dares Ambrose to strike, and Mr. Crazy gives the crowd what they want. Ambrose loses what is left of his mind and clobbers Wyatt over and over. Then grabs a table from underneath the ring and plows him through it. Then throws another table in the ring, add in about 20 chairs and we’ve got EC-Dub or CZ-Dub chants going. As Ambrose leaves, he stops and runs back to pull out a HUGE ladder. He teases a jump, but refs rush out. Guess what our TLC match is going to be at, well, next month is the TLC pay-per-view! Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt in a TLC match!

Men everywhere came alive as Brie Bella kisses AJ Lee, allowing Nikki Bella to hit the Rack Attack to win the Divas title in about 18 seconds. Sound familiar? It was the same match Sheamus and Daniel Bryan had at WrestleMania 28 for the World Heavyweight Championship. Then, it was AJ who smooched Bryan, who turned and walked into a Brough Kick. So yeah, no surprise, but everyone enjoys a good girl-on-girl moment. There, I said it.

Looks like AJ Lee is leaving WWE soon.

Roman Reigns is “live via satellite” once again. I guess being related to the Rock encourages you to pull the same crap. He says he will be back in one month. Hooray!

In the main event, a lot of twists, turns, and HOLY PRIMUS IT’S STING! STING is here!

Highlights: Mark Henry being eliminated first in approximately five seconds after walking into a Big Show KO Punch. Rusev going swan diving through an announce table and being eliminated by count out. Ryback not surprisingly being eliminated first from his team. As Seth Rollins, Luke Harper, and Kane threaten Big Show and John Cena, the giant turns and blasts Cena in the face with the KO Punch, allowing Rollins to pin him for the elimination. Big Show heel turn! Show then eliminates himself by count out, leaving Dolph Ziggler to put on the match of his career as he eliminated both Kane and Luke Harper after being pounded into paste by them both. Ziggler and Rollins have an incredible one-on-one showdown in which Triple H and Stephanie have multiple heart attacks, which result in refs being thrown, beaten up, knocked out, each time Ziggler goes for a pin. Triple H snaps and Pedigrees Ziggler, throwing Rollins on top. As “corrupt” referee Scott Armstrong arrives, he counts, one… two… LIGHTS OUT.

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Sting’s face is shown on the Titantron, and he makes his way into the ring. Ladies and gentlemen, Sting walks up the stairs, onto the ring apron, and for the first time in his near-30-year wrestling career, steps into a WWE ring. Unbelievable. Triple H attempts to strike the “Franchise of WCW” but Sting has some steam left as he strikes back, and floors The Game with the Scorpion Death Drop. He flips Ziggler onto Rollins, a ref returns, making the three count.

Sting leaves, and of course, never to be one to give up the spotlight, John Cena returns to congratulate Dolph Ziggler. Give me a freakin’ break. Ziggler puts on the match of a lifetime, while Cena, who did not break a sweat comes out with a shit-eating grin on his face to celebrate as if he had something to do with the victory. Come on WWE, your creative writing staff should have respected Ziggler’s win. In any case, this puts Ziggler squarely back in the main event. This boosted his career back to where it should have been for the past year. Will he be on the road for the WWE Championship? Not until Brock Lesnar loses it. Should Cena win the belt back, then perhaps Ziggler can be the one to take it from him.

Once again, WWE put on a fantastic show tonight. Those who opted for the free month of the WWE Network got a great deal. Even those who bought the Network got their money’s worth tonight.

I look forward to RAW tomorrow. Lots of questions to be answered:

Will John Cena stop being a jerk?

How will Big Show explain his actions, and will anyone care?

Is it finally time for Dolph Ziggler to be Mr. Main Event?

How insane will Dean Ambrose get?

Can they finally reveal The Bunny as Sami Zayn already and end this worthless Adam Rose gimmick?

Please please please let Damien Sandow come out with toy title belts.

Wade Barrett needs to blast someone with a Bull Hammer.


Quick Recap:

Fandango defeated Justin Gabriel

Jack Swagger defeats Cesaro by submission

The Miz and Mizdow win the WWE Tag Team Championships

Natalya, Alicia Fox, Naomi, and Emma win the Divas Survivor Series match

Bray Wyatt defeats Dean Ambrose by DQ

Adam Rose and The Bunny defeat Heath Slater and Titus O’Neal

Nikki Bella wins the Divas Title

Dolph Ziggler is the sole survivor of the Survivor Series main event

Sting debuts