The Top 10 Movies of 1994


1994 was one hell of a year for movies. Don’t believe me? Check out this list. Go ahead, we’ll wait.


So, we got the entire staff together to vote on their Top 10 films from the year. We got some votes for long-forgotten films like Blankman and The Hudsucker Proxy, some cult classics like Airheads and Little Giants as well as some more obscure indie flicks like Exotica and Vanya on 42nd Street. It was a lot fun to see where everyone ranked the movies of ’94.

But in the end we tallied all the votes and came up with Pop-Break’s definitive list of The Top 10 Films of 1994. The list is like a box of chocolates — a true, eclectic mix of the most delectable films of this amazing year.


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