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25 Days of Christmas: The Santa Clause


I don’t remember the first time I saw The Santa Clause, but if I were to guestimate, I would say it was about two-three years after it came out. I know for a fact my mother was gathering us all around for her annual holiday movie, and the Tim Allen-fronted classic was her film of choice. From that moment on, The Santa Clause and its sequels became a staple in my house every holiday season. So for that reason, it’s only right that I give the movie this special ode.


When I look at The Santa Clause now, I can’t help but chuckle. Not because it’s laugh-out-loud funny, but because it has that cheesy ’90s aurora. But watching this for the first time, I remember feeling like this movie spoke to me. “Santa is real, you guys,” I would say, with the conviction that even if he fell off a chimney, Christmas magic will help get the right guy to replace him. I had this movie as evidence.

Actually, let’s talk about that chimney scene first, because it’s a huge part of how Allen’s character, Scott Calvin, came to be Santa. Look, I totally get the whole point of this was to show kids that Santa and Christmas magic are real. Yet, if you really look at it, Calvin essentially killed Santa. He was the one who startled the poor guy, which caused him to fall off the chimney in the first place. So wouldn’t he get put on trial for manslaughter or even thrown in jail? I guess not, considering everyone in the film felt that Calvin should just replace him instead. Well, I guess if this was the only acceptable punishment everyone could mutually agree on, then so be it???

The best part about The Santa Clause is Bernard (David Krumholtz), the head elf who is destined to help Calvin fulfill his Santa destiny. This is only because he was the epitome of snark. With a name like Bernard and the fate of being forever second-in-charge, who could blame him? But in all seriousness, his sarcasm and skepticism of Calvin almost makes you wish that he would just put on a red suit and hand out the presents himself. I’m pretty sure I thought of this plot twist as a kid, which only proves that I was destined to move to Hollywood and make Christmas movies. Clearly I’m in the wrong area of the writing profession.

The Santa Clause was iconic in the same way Furbies, jelly shoes, and Bop-Its were. It was just a part of the 90s we can reminisce through reruns on ABC Family and Buzzfeed listicles, but nothing more. In my mom’s defense, I do understand her need to watch this every single year. It reminds her of family togetherness and memories of simpler times. And really, isn’t that what the holiday spirit is all about?

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