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WWE Event Recap: TLC 2014

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WWE TLC 2014 Results

Each year, TLC delivers the wow moments and This Is Awesome-matches. With a Ladder Match between Luke Harper and Dolph Ziggler, and an all-out TLC match between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt, WWE certainly delivered on the hype. Not sure if it was just me, but a lot of WWE Network connection issues tonight.

The New Day defeat The Dusts

So, Stardust sports some green paint now. Decent match, but each step you knew Goldust and Stardust were fodder for the new stable. Blarf.

Dolph Ziggler defeats Luke Harper to regain the Intercontinental Championship.

Incredible match. Nearly 20 minutes long, featuring a crapton of high-risk and high-impact bumps which saw both men wind up bloody. Ziggler sent Harper off the ladder with a superkick from his own ladder, allowing him to regain the title. Crowd was behind Ziggler, but easily all impressed with Harper as well. The announce team compared this match to ladder matches between Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels, or Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. Michael Cole put over the IC Title as the go-to belt for the next World Champion. Interesting.

The Usos defeat Miz and Mizdow by Disqualification, Miz/Mizdow retain the Tag Team Championships

This was all about Damien Mizdow. His antics get crazier each week, he took a vertical Suplex and a over-the-top clothesline like a champ, without even being hit. Played up Miz hitting on Naomi. Usos did their usual spots, but no one cared. Everyone wanted to see what Mizdow would do next. Great back-and-forth, but ultimately Sandow’s use as a stunt-double came in handy, as Miz shoved him in front of a diving Uso, as Miz clocked whichever Uso it was with his Slammy Award to earn the DQ victory. Crowd boos every time Miz raises his arms, cheers for Mizdow. This is hilarity.

Big Show beat Erick Rowan in a Stairs Match

Wow. What a bore. This was a bona fide brawl with stairs added in. So, if they used a chair then there would have been a DQ? This should have been a way to put over Rowan, but instead the match came across as slow and bland, ending with Show socking the former Wyatt Family member with the KO punch, using the stairs to keep Rowan down for the pin. Meh.

John Cena defeats Seth Rollins in a Tables Match

Incredible! John Cena not show-closing the event! Great! Most chants from the live crowd in favor of Seth Rollins. J&J Security heavily involved, which took away a lot from the match. Sure, it is all part of the angle with Rollins, but still, should not have been so active in this one. Continuous interference every time Cena got an advantage, or Cena just started brawling with them instead of Rollins. Most interesting, Paul Heyman sitting at ringside for this one, as it affects who will face Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble. I love whenever Cena starts up his five-moves-of-doom. Why, after being hit with two consecutive shoulderblocks, does EVERYONE always go for a swinging right hook and miss? We get a sloppy double-table spot with Cena and Rollins going through tables and the ref calls for the bell. They wind up restarting the match and Michael Cole gets decked when Cena tosses Rollins into the announce table. Big Show arrives to help Rollins, but is thwarted by a returning ROMAN REIGNS who Superman punches everyone and spears Show through a table. Rollins eats a Superman Punch and is AA’d through a table for the win in this sloppy match which had more interference than actual wrestling. Sad. Well, we get John Cena challenging Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship.

Nikki Bella retained the Divas Title against AJ Lee

Ugh. There were more chants for JBL than CM Punk. After weeks of lame storyline and nipple-slips, Nikki Bella defeats AJ Lee for what might be for the final time thanks to keeping perfume spray or water mist in her boot, spraying in her eyes, suddenly incapacitating the 2014 Diva of the Year, allowing Nikki to hit the Boobie Blaster or whatever for the win.

Roman Reigns announces his entry into the 2015 Royal Rumble

Roman Reigns announces his entry into the 2015 Royal Rumble by doing some really long pauses and completely failing at being dramatic and intense. If there were cue cards, someone pay him to take a course in public speaking. Flubbed his scripted lines, and herp-a-derped his way to announcing his entry into the Rumble.

Ryback defeated Kane in a Chairs Match

Oh for the love of Primus. This event is going downhill incredibly fast. This has been nothing but bona-fide boredom since the Miz/Mizdow Tag Team Championship match. This was no better. I get they want to push Ryback, but this is not working. Ryback has the “Vince” look. Mr. McMahon likes his guys big and burly. Ryback fits the mold, but not this generation. Kane looks sick or something, or he is just old a tired. “Boring” chants echoed as both men fumbled their way through this one. Amazing how Ryback still gets big crowd support. We got a great spot where Ryback charged for the Meathook and Kane just lobbed a chair at his face. Kane hit chokeslam but Ryback kicks out. Ryback does hit Meathook, followed by Shellshock, waking everyone up since the match is over.

Rusev retained the United States Championship against Jack Swagger

Was there doubt Rusev would win? WWE wants him undefeated forever. In a matter of minutes Jack Swagger passes out to the Accolade after a few Patriot Lock attempts. I mean, this was freakin’ pathetic. It is 10:15pm already, so they likely had to rush this one out so Dean Ambrose will have enough time to do his best Mick Foley impersonations.

Bray Wyatt defeats Dean Ambrose in a TLC Match

Finally. The main event. Thank Primus. Would anyone have believed me if I ever said Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt would main event a pay-per-view? Here it is. See? It is a good thing to keep Brock Lesnar and the WWE Championship off television. Ambrose starts off by hurling a ladder at Wyatt. Ambrose is full of crazy. Leaping off the pre-show panel stage. Crazy Dean Ambrose is crazy. All objects came into play. Work of art here folks. Ambrose goes to town with Kendo Sticks, hitting a Sandman-style White Russian Leg Sweep. Wyatt winds up dumping Ambrose off the top and through a table to the floor. Later on, Wyatt sets up a Kendo stick in the corner and nearly impales Ambrose through the head with it. Later, action goes to the floor and Ambrose goes on a wrecking spree, putting Wyatt through table after table by leaping off consecutive ladders! Both men hit finishers, but no pinfall victory yet. Ambrose pulls out a TV monitor, and suddenly a light bulb goes off. He goes for the second tallest ladder, as the crowd boos, he replies “I can’t carry that one!” Pretty funny. Setting it up by the Spanish announce table, he brawls with Wyatt before finally setting him up across. Ambrose ascends the super ladder and crashes through Wyatt and the table with a bigtime elbowdrop.

Unfortunately, the match ends on a sour note. Ambrose wants to use to clobber Bray with the TV panel, which suddenly explodes, spraying sparks in Dean’s face, allowing Wyatt to splatter him with Sister Abigail for the win. I’m sorry, but way to go WWE. Way to royally kill an awesome match. Really, you went with the “accident” causing Ambrose to lose? Crap in a hat people. Way to kill this off. Goddamn it.

This show was majority of suckage. With the exceptions of the main event, the Intercontinental Championship and Tag Team Championship matches, the rest of the card was a complete waste of time. That includes Cena/Rollins. Thankfully, we now have six weeks to properly hype the Royal Rumble. TLC was thrown together in a rush job of three weeks, and the results of such disorganization were not a surprise at all.

Ambrose/Wyatt delivered, even though the finish was complete garbage. WWE rolled the dice on these two main eventing, and paid off bigtime. Onward to the 2015 Royal Rumble!


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