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Album Review: Bullyheart

Written by Matt DeBenedetti

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I have to be honest here and say that I was pretty surprised while listening to this record. Immediately when hearing the opening track of Bullyheart’s latest release, Antigravity, I was reminded of a band I have always loved. It is hard not to notice that there is a striking resemblance between the sound of Bullyheart vocalist Holly Long and The Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde — be one of my favorite female vocalists.

Needless to say, Antigravity was an easy listen for me.

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The deeper you get into this record, you learn and love the fact Bullyheart changes their styles up with nearly every track, truly showing their awesome range and diversity. They present aspects in their sound ranging from classic rock, heard in opening track “ANTIGRAVITY” to an almost-country-feel on the fifth song, “Lost My Nerve.” They even managed to squeeze a little bit of punk energy into the record, which is what made the song “Panic Attack” my favorite out of the whole mix. Each track amazed me more, and I admire how adaptable the band is and how well they were able to capture a different energy with each song, but also tie the whole project together into a cohesive, flowing work of art.

I always seem to mention this in album reviews, but as a listener, I have always had a strong focus on lyrical content of songs to be a sort of “make-or-break” in whether I like them or not. This album is a great demonstration of lyrical poetry, and a very strong one. There are nothing like good lyrics to accompany a great voice, over a great band.

In a world where modern music is sometimes overproduced and fabricated using technology, it is nice to hear a new band that clearly has strong ties and influences lying in classic rock. Bullyheart manages to nicely put and “old” twist on a new sound, while remaining true to rock and roll, something that a lot of rock bands struggle to do today, and I look forward to seeing what else this band can pull out of their sleeves.

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