Pop-Press: Steve Tambone Life Celebration

Photo Courtesy: Dark City Entertainment
Photo Courtesy: Dark City Entertainment

Tonight, Asbury Park celebrates the life of Steve Tambone.

Tambone, the current drummer for River City Extension and someone who drummed in numerous groups in the area, passed earlier this week. The event will take place at the Theater Bar (formerly 610 Bangs) and will begin at 7pm.

Organizers will be collecting donations in Steve’s honor at the door that will go directly to Lakehouse and the Asbury Park Music Heritage Foundation to help the children of Asbury Park learn, love and play music.

The celebration for Steve will feature an open jam throughout the night, but is mostly a gathering of friends and fans of the drummer.

River City Extension posted the following message via their official Facebook page…

A boundlessly talented musician with a heart of gold, he could fill a room with smiles and uncontrollable laughter at the drop of a hat if he wanted to, and just as easily fill it with awe at the inconceivable things he could make a drum set say. He was a top-tier multi-instrumentalist with perfect pitch (we tested him) who could always somehow find deep reserves of “chops” on anything he touched, from guitar, piano, and bass to his well-honed mastery of the trombone (Plus, Meghan can vouch for that night on tour he picked up her viola and started playing “Elephant” like he was a First Chair, never having touched the instrument). Through knowing him and having him become a part of our family, we found out things about ourselves and about music that we could have never perceived without his endlessly positive outlook on life and all that music meant to him. We are forever changed for the better for knowing him, and he will live on in everything that we do for the rest of our lives. Our love right now belongs to his family in their time of mourning.

– The River City Extension Family

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