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Pop-Ed: Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe


Recently, Spider-Man has been in the news a lot. This is mostly regarding his future in movies, be it both Sony and Marvel Studios. While some may say that the reboot of the Spider-Man franchise featuring Andrew Garfield is more in line with how we think the wall crawler should actually act and move, there is no doubt that both films (released in 2012 and 2014) come apart at the seams quite a bit.

In an effort to save their beloved red and blue tight wearing superhero, Marvel has been in frequent talks with Sony to cut a deal where the webhead would enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. E-mails have been identified between the two companies due to the recent Sony hack, and these discussions put Spidey’s future in question. It seems that Marvel will not buy him back outright but in fact play fair and “share” the ownership of Peter Parker’s alter ego. Since Spider-Man was such a big player in the Civil War comic book story arc, it would seem that Marvel wants to include him in the upcoming Captain America 3 movie, subtitled Civil War.


There have been rumors that the character of Black Panther (to be played by Chadwick Boseman) was going to substitute for Spidey in that storyline, but nothing has been set in stone. It would be awesome to see Marvel be able to incorporate Spider-Man into the plot as that’s how it is in the comic book, but the wallcrawler would need a healthier introduction in MCU to be able to stick the landing and not feel “rushed” in the future of The Avengers’ stories. More importantly, the studio would need a Peter Parker heavily invested in the role of superhero along with Iron Man and company.

Who, then, would play him? I would instantly say “Just Keep Andrew Garfield” but age him a bit story wise, maybe mid twenties. However, it seems that Marvel wants a fresh start with a new actor. Understandable, I get that. But Garfield was more on point with Spidey’s quips and even the physical presence. That needs to be work into Marvel’s thinking if this is to go through. However, under the condition that Marvel wants Spider-Man in their camp, they will put Peter Parker in high school student format again. This is something I am completely 100% against. We have seen Mr. Parker be a high school student twice over cinematically. Give the audience an older Spider-Man. Make him more weathered, more mature, but still a sarcastic, quippy dude who still is not as practiced as The Avengers.

Honestly, I trust that Marvel would know how to handle their own character, if it ever comes to be. I hope it does, but I won’t be truly happy until it’s a reality. Ultimately, Spider-Man has to be written into the MCU with the best care and not just thrown in for the sake of it. If Marvel finally can cut a deal with Sony, then do not anything more to ruin the character cinematically. Spider-Man may be a superhero who rescues others, but this time, he really needs some saving. Let’s hope his future improves.



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