Pop-Ed: The Best Wedding Movies

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Who doesn’t love a good wedding? They’re magical. They’re grandiose. They’re filled with memories – some great, some notso (especially for those guests who have a bit too much to drink). And no matter how perfect your own wedding or your friend’s wedding or your sibling’s wedding is — no one does weddings better than Hollywood. So, in honor of the new Kevin Hart/Josh Gad comedy The Wedding Ringer being released today (and potentially be the first big hit of 2015), our staff got together talk about their favorite cinematic nuptials. So grab a hanky, get ready to throw that rice and get in line for the buffet for

The Best Wedding Wedding Movies of All-Time as Picked by the Pop-Break Staff

The Wedding Singer (1998)

The Bride: Drew Barrymore

The Groom: Adam Sandler

The Wedding Party: Christine Taylor, Jon Lovitz, Kevin Nealon, Billy Idol, Steve Buscemi


The Wedding Singer was right in the middle of Adam Sandler hitting his stride.  It’s easily one of his best films, and the first that appealed to more than just his usual audience.  What’s most impressive to me is that it combines classic romantic comedy tropes, mixed in with Sandler’s trademark buffoonery.  We had an old lady rapping, a zany version of “Love Stinks,” and a plethora of whacky cameos.  The late nineties is truly when Steve Buscemi became “that guy.”  You always got a laugh whenever he showed up, even if it was in action movies.  Jon Lovitz has a hysterical cameo, and it’s absolutely criminal how underutilized he was in mainstream film.  That guy always makes me laugh, even in stuff like High School High.

But aside from all the Adam Sandler shenanigans, Sandler and Drew Barrymore really did have great chemistry, and are right up there with any classic Rom-Com couple at the time.  Robbie Hart is certainly one of the more likable/rootable Adam Sandler characters there is.  There are no shortage of iconic scenes in The Wedding Singer, including his “uneven” song about his ex-fiancé.  Let’s also not forget the 1985 time period, making for one of the best movie soundtracks of all time.  Pure 80’s.

There was a time when Adam Sandler made good movies, and this was one of them.  The Wedding Singer can be enjoyed by all. –Daniel Cohen

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