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American Horror Story: Freak Show comes to an end tonight. This season has been so incredibly different from the past three in that we aren’t really given a specific ending in sight. In Murder House, we waited to see if the Harmon family escaped the house or met the same fate as the many inhabitants before them. In Asylum, we waited to see if Bloody Face would be captured, twice. In Coven, we awaited the announcement of The Supreme. This season, we started out with a different villain than we will end with and there have been so many stories that need to be concluded in just one episode.

With so many different possibilities of an endings floating out there, I thought I would give three scenarios: How I want it to end, how I don’t want it to end and how I think it will end.

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How I Want it to End: I would love for Freak Show to have a dark ending. I would love nothing more than to see Dandy (Finn Wittrock) survive, kill Elsa (Jessica Lange) and run off with the Tattler Twins (Sarah Paulson). Now, we know Elsa makes it to Hollywood thanks to Pepper’s (Naomi Grossman) episode, which showed us that Elsa makes it big via magazine cover, so this ending is unlikely, but one can dream, right? Maybe the magazine cover is just to throw us off. That could have been the very start of her short career.

It would be great if Dandy sported his Twisty outfit and joined the show now that he is the owner. Once everyone realizes who he is, the proverbial shit hits the fan and the war begins. Maybe a few freaks here and there would die in the process but are there really any left that we truly care about outside of the twins and Jimmy (Evan Peters)? Let’s be honest, even Jimmy is hard to like this season. I supposed that as long as the Twins survive, I think I will be fine in the end.

How I Don’t Want it to End: I would hate for a mushy happy ending to a season full of treachery and murder. When Jimmy saved those children from Twisty (John Carroll Lynch), the townspeople came and treated him like a hero, like a human. I really don’t want a happy ending like that. If Jimmy somehow ends up saving the freaks, which I would actually love to see how without any hands, I don’t want him to join society as a “normal” person with fake hands.

Evan Peters in American Horror Story: Freak Show
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I don’t want Dandy to kill off the twins. He has love for them but knowing they gave themselves to another man might be the deal breaker. The twins have managed to escape death multiple times, thanks to the intuition of Bette, so perhaps this could be the time Bette is unable to save them.

I don’t want the whole thing to end in a rain of bullets. We know the cops are after Jimmy, who will most certainly return to the Freak Show once he hears about Dandy running the show. It would be ridiculous for everyone to die in the end.

How I Think it Will End: I think Elsa will go to Hollywood and manipulate her way to the top, just how she always has. She is no stranger to backstabbing or murder, so she should fit right in. If she doesn’t, she will return to the freak show, somehow save the day and her story will skyrocket her career.

Dandy is heartbroken over the twins sleeping with Chester (Neil Patrick Harris) and probably desperate to get a little revenge on them it. With Bette and Dot being aware of his mental instability, the chances of him winning them over again are slim. I think Jimmy will find out that Dandy has taken over the show and return in time to save them from him.

It is probably safe to assume that a few freaks will die. Desiree (Angela Bassett) is tough but could be the big character to go. She is hot headed and fast to attack, which isn’t very smart against the calm, calculating Dandy. Along with her, I imagine that Barbara (Chrissy Metz) and Paul (Mat Fraser) could die as well. I think Barbara because she is far too large to run away and is desperate for a man to love her and Paul because I imagine him dying to save someone else.

Photo Credit: Michael Becker/FX
Photo Credit: Michael Becker/FX

Perhaps, Dandy will put on his Twisty costume and cause some trouble, being busted by the police when they come looking for Jimmy. Or, in a crazier twist, the police show up and Dandy’s paid cop kills Jimmy.

There really isn’t anywhere for the Freaks to survive outside of the Freak Show, so I would like to think the show would continue. Maybe they will join Elsa in Hollywood to make for a happy ending.

There are so many different ways Freak Show could conclude; making it difficult to really narrow it down to a definite, but this fan has her fingers crossed for something bloody.

American Horror Story: Freak Show concludes this Wednesday night on FX.

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