Why #CancelWWENetwork is Absolutely Ridiculous


Fair warning, unlike WWE, this column is not rated PG. I am channeling my inner Lewis Black, because the rage I have now in unexplainable.

We all saw or heard about the Royal Rumble. We know Daniel Bryan was eliminated, and we know Roman Reigns won. We know Dolph Ziggler drew number 30 and was eliminated almost as quickly as it took him to run down the aisle.

The Philadelphia crowd voiced their displeasure, as we all did after Bryan was eliminated by Bray Wyatt, and continued to boo as Roman Reigns eliminated Big Show, Kane, and Rusev to win the Royal Rumble.

I admit it as well, the storyline sucks right now. The Royal Rumble match sucked, and the outcome sucked. It really did. I am pissed off Roman Reigns won. Except, I’m not flipping tables and shouting that wrestling is RUINED FOREVER.

First, a quick history lesson since you internet wrestling idiots forgot last year you were all PLEADING on your hands and knees for Reigns to eliminate Batista last year. Not to say things change and all that, but let that sink in.

Then, in less than a hour after the show was over, #CancelWWENetwork became the number one trending twitter topic.


Unbefuckinglievable. I mentioned it on Twitter. I do not support this. I will talk about it and I will mention it since it is a relevant topic. I am astonished this is even a thing. A thing. A word. A term. This “thing” exists.

This is the stupidest thing I have ever seen from a so-called “wrestling community.”

Dirtsheets reported the “Cancelation page” of the Network crashed. This does not mean people actually unsubscribed, but like any website, can get overloaded by constant refreshing.

But this is a stupid point for me to make. This isn’t the point.

This is the point — and you are not going to like what I have to say. I have been a wrestling fan since I was 11. Makes me pretty old to the younger fans out there. When Yokozuna or a heel Shawn Michaels won the Royal Rumble, we got mad, but then we just tuned in to see what happens next. When Ric Flair was World Champion, we hated him, we wanted to see which “hero” would take the title from him. Fast forward to the Attitude Era. When Triple H, The Rock, and even “Stone Cold” Steve Austin were “bad guys” and were champions or Rumble winners, we did not throw shit fits and threaten to stop watching.

We did not yet have the internet to encourage us to be faceless whiners. Fine, the Rumble match itself was pretty lackluster. I’ll give it that. I was bored senseless. Having Reigns win and exciting Rumble or a boring Rumble would have been irrelevant, because clearly the fans were not happy with Roman Reigns winning period.

The infantile temper tantrums running wild on Twitter and Facebook are insane. I cannot believe I am going to admit this, but I actually argued with someone on Twitter. The user did not like that I played the “it’s scripted, deal with it card” and was told that “WWE can change their scripts while regular shows can’t.”

He’s right. WWE can change the script on the fly, but the point is, they DO NOT HAVE to. Maybe they could have chosen better creative writing. Maybe someone in WWE could have opted to change the Rumble format. There are a million things they could have done differently. They didn’t and we have to live with it.

#CancelWWENetwork? Really? That’s the response? What do you want? Daniel Bryan to be in EVERY match and win EVERY title and main event EVERY show? We sound like spoiled babies! Last year WWE caved in and gave the fans EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANTED at WrestleMania 30. Maybe it was planned that way, or maybe they changed the script! Who knows.

There is the old saying, “Don’t like it, don’t buy, or in this case, don’t watch it.” However these are wrestling fans we are talking about. Myself included. We’re going to watch. We can’t turn it off. We’re so hooked on what could happen next, we need to put it on. There is no WCW to compete with, and Impact Wresting doesn’t even have a fraction of competition in them. Sorry.

For all the people who cancel their subscriptions, just as many will sign back up for WrestleMania 31 and will tune in on cable to watch RAW and SmackDown.

Will I outright call us all hypocrites? No, because it is not about being hypocritical. It is about common-damn-sense and a sense of rationality.

Let’s all just calm down and get back to our lives…

I’m going to watch this week, and like it or not…




Michael Dworkis is a man of vast talent and industry. A former writer and corporate assistant of World Wrestling Entertainment, “MSD” is the Wrestling Columnist for Pop-Break, as well as contributing columns related to comics, movies, pop-culture, and of course, anything Transformers. He recently completed and obtained his Masters degree in Mental Health in Counseling, and recently became licensed to practice as an LAC by the National Board of Certified Counselors. If you need either a therapist or your wrestling fix, come to this man. Michael also is a graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in Journalism and Mass Media, and previously managed an internet retail company. He blames Bill for having so much wrestling on the site and pleads with his superiors to create a feature on his very own Transformer Collection and to subdue Michael Bay for a serious talk. Michael is still searching for a Japanese Grand Maximus or any Japanese Generation 1 exclusives. See more of Michael at MichaelDworkis.com and follow on Twitter @Omegax80.


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