The Ghostbusters 3 Cast Revealed: Thoughts & Reactions

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Possible Cast for Ghostbusters 3? Awesome!

Melissa McCarthy was an obvious choice, even though I do not think she is funny, at all. Sorry, the rest of the world loves her, yet I cannot jump on the large and beat-you-with-a-joke-like-a-dead-horse bandwagon. But, she seems to be one of the comedy trends right now, or so it seems.

Another female lead I did not originally consider was Kristen Wiig, but just because I did not consider, does not mean not a good choice. I think she is a fantastic choice. I really liked her in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, even though I stopped being a Ben Stiller fan years ago, her performance in his film was solid. She does a ton of voice-over work, and I am sure this choice has nothing (says the cynical one) to do with her role in Bridesmaids.


Moving on, we have Leslie Jones. Like Wiig and the fourth selection for the film, Kate McKinnon, they have something in common. A show called Saturday Night Live, you know the same show which blessed us with Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray. Having three females all from SNL can swing either way. Really work well on the big screen and succeed, or flop horribly. I have enjoyed Jones’ work on SNL. She does not have much in the way of a big screen resume, but that shouldn’t be a negative, but someone fresh for the big screen.

As I mention, another SNL mainstay, Kate McKinnon also has the shot of filling the role, and a nice jumpsuit on screen. Sorry. What, she’s hot. Come on. You’re all thinking it. Like Jones, not much on the big screen, but many voice-over roles and appearances on television or short films.

We have the SNL link, which again, could go awesome like Blues Brothers or Wayne’s World, or go horribly like Night at the Roxbury or Ladies’ Man. No, I did not think those were funny at all. Now, why would I compare Ghostbusters 3 to a film based on SNL characters? Because we have three SNL’ers, plus McCarthy. I worry this will turn into a giggling girly mesh of bad clichés and completely lose what Ghostbusters was in the first place. Right now, I am riding on the script and production here. All these women are talented, and the best part are relative unknowns to the big screen, with the exception of McCarthy. Now, just because I do not like her or think she is remotely funny, does not mean she cannot work with a good scripted character. But, I swear to Primus, if we get one slow-motion scene of her running and screaming in that ear-piercing shrill of hers while firing off the Particle Thrower, I will lose my mind.

An all-female cast is a bold move, but does not seem to have really made an impact. No big hashtags, no boycotts, no controversy. As I mentioned in my speculation column, the Ghostbusters comic published by IDW, (who also publishes Transformers without any Michael Bay influence) has been one of their biggest hits in comic shops, so why not go for it on the big screen? I believe finding the right cast to complement each other and of course, the right script and producer to make it right.
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