Trailer Tuesday (on a Wednesday): Marvel’s Daredevil

Written by Bill Bodkin, Marisa Carpico and Matthew Nando Kelly


Premiere Date: April 10, 2015

Starring: Charlie Cox (Matt Murdock/Daredevil), Deborah Ann Woll (Karen Page), Elden Henson (Foggy Nelson), Rosario Dawson (Claire Tempe), Vincent D’Onofrio (Wilson Fisk/Kingpin)

Pre-Trailer Thoughts: I’ve been cautiously optimistic about this project from the beginning. As someone who actually loves the Ben Affleck Daredevil (I know, I’m an embarrassment, whatever), I was disappointed when I heard Charlie Cox would be stepping into Matt Murdock’s shoes. He seemed too small, too much of a wallflower type in his previous roles to be the cocky, occasionally violent Man Without Fear. And then Deborah Ann Woll got cast as the very important Daredevil universe character Karen Page and I knew I’d be watching no matter what. -Marisa Carpico

Daredevil Still
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Pre-Trailer Thoughts:  Ask me this question a year ago and I would be very worried. You are taking the property that most people remember from a bad movie and making a TV show produced by the company that most people remember for the sub-par Agents of SHIELD.

Fast forward to 2015. SHIELD is great. Like, it’s really something special. Agent Carter is also proving to be very entertaining. Netflix clearly knows what they’re doing. The early press for the movie has been very positive. People say Charlie Cox is great as Matt Murdock which is important because as a fellow Matt I really want this to succeed. People are also saying that Vincent D’Onofrio is going to steal every scene as Wilson Fisk aka The Kingpin. I have high hopes for the trailer. -Matthew Nando Kelly

Pre-Trailer Thoughts:  Daredevil is one of those properties (like Fantastic Four) that Marvel has dropped the ball on in the past, and hoping to make good in 2015. This version of Daredevil intrigues me as Charlie Cox was great in Boardwalk Empire and you can never go wrong with D’Onofrio. –Bill Bodkin

Rate the Trailer (1-5): Four out of Five. I’m sold. Finally some bloody action in the Marvel Universe. Heroes hitting villains. Villains hitting back. Great stuff. They lost a star for not having any Fisk but I have a feeling they are saving him for a bigger trailer and I get that. Still, that’s where the star went. Cox as Murdock was short but sweet. His voice in the confession sounded determined and peaceful which is going to make a great foil for what will test him in the series. I also loved the sound-vision. I thought the original movie used too much CGI and it looked silly. The moment when Daredevil puts his hand up to the door and hears the screaming inside really worked. I can’t want to see what else they have in store.

The confession was the best part. It is almost like they were speaking directly to the audience there. We are aware of the original bad Daredevil movie but that’s not what this is about. “I’m not seeking forgiveness for what I’ve done.” Ben Affleck and his S&M costume are in the past. “I’m asking forgiveness for what I’m about to do” and what Daredevil is about to do is beat the tar out of a bunch of street thugs and I could not be happier. –MK

Rate the Trailer (1-5): Four out of Five. While I love the lighter tone of the current Mark Waid/Chris Samnee run in the comics, I love tortured Matt Murdock most and this trailer is all about that. I love that the lighting is almost nonexistent—the darkness surrounding the characters almost oppressive. I love the sounds—the mix of ambient street noise and snatches of multiple conversations that seem a strong approximation of what it might actually be like to experience New York City through Matt’s heightened senses. Most of all, I love the moral ambiguity. This proto-Daredevil is clearly going to be a more violent, unsure version of the character. Watching him try to reconcile being a lawyer by day and apparently murderous vigilante by night is going to be ripe for drama. Except with maybe the exception of Winter Soldier and occasionally Agent Carter, Marvel’s output has largely favored fun over thought. They’re 50/50 when it comes to TV projects, but this could actually be something. I’m definitely more optimistic than cautious now. –MC

Photo: Barry Wetcher
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Rate the Trailer (1-5): Four out of Five. I was completely ambivalent towards this series. Seriously, I thought it’d be the same old muted Marvel television action that’s fun to watch, but not overly memorable. But this. This had the hair on the back of my neck standing up. I had chills up and down my spine. This look cinematic, grandiose, and most importantly, violent. I remember picking up my first copy of Daredevil back in the 80s and I was struck at the violence of the character. And this nails the tone. –BB

Binge, Queue, No Thanks, Undecided? Binge. I’m just trying to make my Netflix a better place. I just wish this wasn’t going to be released on the same weekend as Game of Thrones. This is going to be a big April. –MK

Binge, Queue, No Thanks, Undecided: Binge. And that is big coming from me. The closest I’ve ever come to bingeing a show was watching six episodes of Black Mirror over a three-day period. It took me a year and a half to watch 7 seasons of Doctor Who. But on April 10, I will sit down in front of my TV and watch every single episode one right after the other. Don’t even try contacting me. –MC

Binge, Queue, No Thanks, Undecided: Undecided. Man, am I going to have re-subscribe to Netflix just watch this? I’d like to see a few more trailers before making the decision of spending the money on Netflix just for one show. –BB

Daredevil streams on Netflix on April 15, check the series’ Facebook page for updates.


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