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TV Recap: Lucas Bros. Moving Co.

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Did you love the 90’s but hate I Love The 90’s? Well we have a show for you.

You may remember the Lucas Brothers from 22 Jump Street. They are hard to miss, considering they are the only pair of black identical twins in entertainment outside of Sister Sister. You also may have seen them performing stand-up comedy together. They have a great Space Jam routine that they perform as Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. You can watch it here. They also have an animated show called Lucas Bros. Moving Co. and it is one of the funniest shows on TV.

Photo Credit: FXX
Photo Credit: FXX

Lucas Bros. Moving Co. has been around for around a year. There are ten episodes available, most of them on Hulu. The LBMC runs on FXX as part of their Animation Domination block which mean that this show is animated. It follows more established shows like Adventure Time and Rick and Morty stylistically. The colors are flat and muted. No one has elbows. You get the idea.

Lucas Bros Moving Co. needs this animated format because the show is unbelievably surreal. While they play their normal and incredibly down to earth selves, they are dealing with everything from alien abductions to walking talking human sized bobble heads. They use these abstract plot devices to touch on different areas of nostalgia. The aliens are big Will Smith fans. The bobble head is Michael Jordan.

The most recent episode, entitled Kazaam, is a great example of what is so effective about the blending of animation and their brand of nostalgia based humor. In Kazaam, the brothers buy a magical boom box with the hopes of summoning the eponymous rapping genie. Although there is no Shaq, the brothers do receive three wishes and that lead them down a path that includes Arsenio Hall, the West Coast gang wars, and Legends of the Hidden Temple.

Photo Credit: FXX
Photo Credit: FXX

The Lucas Brothers are incredibly charming and their chemistry is, understandably, unlike anything else in comedy. They make every line funny and they feel incredibly genuine. Their reactions to the crazy things going on around them are understated, which makes everything even funnier. As the writers and creators they deserve all of the credit possible for the show’s success.

The supporting cast is also stellar. Jerrod Carmichael is great as their best friend and essentially the third Lucas brother. Hannibal Burress pops in as their mother. The fact that he barely attempts to make his voice sound remotely feminine is hilarious. As big wrestling fans, they also had former pro wrestler Jake the Snake on as himself , which is just plain awesome.

All of these elements are woven together so masterfully, you will never believe an episode of Lucas Bros. Moving Co. is only about ten minutes long. It really is the perfect amount of time for a show like this. You can binge the entire series in a little over an hour and you should.

Photo Credit: FXX
Photo Credit: FXX

I cannot praise Lucas Bros. Moving Co. enough. It stars two of the funniest comedians in the game and the supporting cast is stellar. Every episode is an acid trip down memory lane, but a good one.You can watch it in the time it takes to start up your computer and there are only ten episodes. You have no excuse not to watch. Do it for the streets.

Also they don’t really do any moving. Just wanted to put that out there.

Rating 10/10

Lucas Bros. Moving Co. Airs every Thursday night on FXX as a part of Animation Domination.

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Matthew Kelly
Matthew Kelly
Matthew Nando Kelly is the cool and tough Managing Editor of Pop Break who was allowed to write his own bio. Besides weekly Flash recaps, he has a podcast called Mad Bracket Status where he makes pop culture brackets with fellow writer DJ Chapman.

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