The WWE-Ek: Better Call Paul


Things certainly got interesting this week, didn’t they?

Triple H on the Stone Cold Podcast was a fun departure than the norm. Is Kayfabe dead? Wow. Loved it. Triple H and Austin had some friendly banter which turned to some sharp no-nonsense questions. The Game seemed to handle himself well and approached everything professionally.

A definite eyebrow raiser was the question on Chyna. Never saw that one coming, but HHH gave an honest and open answer as to why her chances of being in the WWE Hall of Fame are pretty slim.

It’s is clear, NXT is the future of WWE. Once the old guard finally is gone, the style of wrestling will change. The funny part will be, watching how the internet will no doubt take a collective dump on anything WWE does, because that is what the internet is for.

Have you watched NXT? They’re matches are as high quality as Ring of Honor. Considering half the roster were from ROH, well, there you have it.

Fast Lane is shaping up to be very different than what I had thought. Now we are getting Daniel Bryan up against Roman Reigns, with the winner facing Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. Big telling here whether WWE will cave in once again, or perhaps there is more than meets the eye to this storyline.

While I am glad to see Dean Ambrose and Wade Barrett embark on a feud, there is so little hype behind it I hope this does not mean a slow death for both characters. Barrett had a great gimmick going, suddenly comes to a screeching halt. Ambrose on the other hand is still fresh off his top tier feud with Bray Wyatt, a man rumored to be weeks away from calling out The Undertaker. Primus I hope not. The Streak is over. He’s done. Let Mark Calloway actually leave a WrestleMania in a vehicle other than an ambulance. I am not kidding around.

Dean Ambrose is a funny guy, always delivering on promos. So seeing him drop away from main eventing is fine, because at any given moment the guy can just be put back on top, because he is that good. Dolph Ziggler is another guy with the same capability, but one has to wonder with such an overcrowded main event scene, again, will he have to wait for the lull or someone to get injured in order to once again take top billing? Need a reminder, he and Luke Harper put on some main-event quality matches, so I hope Ziggler doesn’t get shafted again.

Finally, and simultaneously, Miz/Mizdow are slowing splitting while the Dusts have parted ways. There is a feud right there, have each team mix it up since they’ve all gone batty. The clear winner will be Damien Sandow, who has been around a few years, and I am sure fans want the return of someone who can entertain rather than be “forced on the sidelines” by a jealous Miz. Sadly, this will not elevate Miz into being back as a mega-heel, but back as a joke. To think, he was once WWE Champion, main evented and won at WrestleMania.

Let’s talk about something missing lately. SomeONE. The Rabbi of Wrestling, Paul Heyman. The mouthpiece for current WWE Champion Brock Lesnar has not been on television for a bit, but that does not mean he has not been busy. He recorded a special WWE Network segment tackling a very real world issue: Lying.

This pertains to the recent furor over Brian Williams admitting he may have exaggerated facts and events regarding news he was involved in. On Friday evening, in a special five-minute segment for the Network, Paul Heyman commended the action of Brian Williams, and even uses his own personal philosophy regarding lying as part of entertainment. Heyman goes on to say how Williams is an entertainer, someone who provides us with news, yet in a captivating way to draw in ratings.

This is why Paul Heyman is great. No one else in WWE could have pulled this off with a straight face. Heyman lives and breathes everything he says. The guy is a shrewd businessman and he could talk a janitor into running for President. Is Heyman ever wrong? Perhaps, but this is not about right and wrong, this is Heyman presenting his opinion using real-world situations applied with his own business-like beliefs and practices.

If he were a lawyer and I got into trouble, I know what I’d do…

…Better call Paul.