Charlie Day Channels True Detective On The Latest Always Sunny


Fans of FXX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia are by now well acquainted with janitor extraordinaire, Charlie Kelly’s stellar skills in the fields of rat bashing and toilet cleaning, but the series’ most recent episode, “Charlie Work,” reveals just how integral everyone’s favorite paint-huffing cheese enthusiast is to the everyday operation of Paddy’s Pub. With a surprise health inspection imminent, Charlie kicks into high gear, showcasing some surprisingly deft managerial skills, though in typically daft fashion.

Here, we see the oft-mocked and typically dopey Charlie capably tackle a leadership role, delegating responsibility to his for once cooperative coworkers (except for Dee, that bitch) and orchestrating a madcap plot involving chickens, a steak delivery, and, most hilariously, a paint-coated, recorder tooting Frank acting as a stand-in for the bar’s faulty carbon monoxide detectors. Though Charlie work usually entails the most menial and soul-killing tasks, this clip reveals who the real maestro of Paddy’s Pub truly is.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia airs Wednesdays on FXX.

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