Pop-Ed: Spider-Man Comes Home to the MCU


Spider-Man Comes Home to the MCU

It is a good day, my friends.

News broke late last night that Spider-Man will finally find his place alongside his Avengers brethren in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, introduced sometime into the universe before 2017. He then will take up another solo outing in July of that same year. Where he goes after that, nobody really knows, but at least he just won’t be from the outside looking in anymore!

That’s the good news. The bad news is that Andrew Garfield is out as Spidey. I have to admit, this news saddens me a bit, as I thought Garfield epitomized what was great about my favorite superhero. He had the right physique, the right voice, the ability to wisecrack like no other…while he wasn’t a great Peter Parker, he was Spidey incarnate. I trust Marvel recasting, I have never doubted them, so I hope we get somebody even better. It’s going to be a hard job to fill though.


Also, since Spider-Man needs to step into play between 2016 and 2017, Black Panther gets pushed back a bit (about 9 months) and Captain Marvel is now delayed four months. The wallcrawler is already causing trouble even before he makes his Marvel Cinematic debut, but hey, if you want Spidey in your camp, some sacrifices have to made. Can’t make an omlette without breaking some eggs, you know? Hopefully the news of Peter Parker entering the fray finally will excite more fans so they won’t be angry about the hold ups.

So how does this work? Well, Marvel doesn’t have exclusive rights and Sony doesn’t really either. While Sony has full control over the webhead still, Marvel Studios producer Kevin Feige and his brain trust will oversee everything Sony does considering Spider-Man’s future. So that’s really good. I mean, let’s face it; Spidey has had a rocky past in film. Even Spider-Man 2, which some consider one of the best superhero movies ever, is not without fault. Also, push from Sony to make things bigger and more stylish in the wake of The Avengers has not worked out for Spidey’s movie world. Allowing Marvel to come in and offer their two cents is a wonderful idea, and I’m saying this not only as a fan, but as a person who places supreme faith in the head honchos of the studio helping Sony out.


So in two years time, Spider-Man will be standing next to Iron Man, Cap, the Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Quiksilver, Scarlet Witch, and so forth and so on! This has been a dream realized. While it was cool to see the Avengers band together back in 2012, I couldn’t help but wish the wallcrawler was there. And then I thought, well 2015 is another missed opportunity. Also, I figured Sony was too stubborn to give up their rights; Spider-Man is a cash cow, they’d never want to let him go. But, money talks, and his film were not doing what they thought. Perfect time for Marvel to swoop in (not unlike Spidey himself) and save the day! I couldn’t be more excited about the film future of Peter Parker and his alter ego.

My only requests are that they focus on Peter and Spidey as an older guy. Stop with the high school stuff, make him around the same age as the rest of the Avengers. Yes he could still be in need of work or training or what have you, but he is such an essential element to Civil War (if they bring him in for that movie), that having him be so young doesn’t work. He needs to feel like an ally to them, not this baby-faced kid.

He needs to be introduced correctly too. Hopefully they just don’t lump him into Captain America 3 because they can. That’s more of my major concern, how he will play into the whole universe. It’s important to take note of, and I trust Marvel.

However, I can rest a little bit easier knowing that my favorite superhero finally is in the right hands. For fans like me and all over the world, this is a welcome and proactive change for the webhead, and his surrounding world of characters. The future looks good for the red and blue clad hero.

So, with that being said…

Welcome home, Spidey!

NOW can we bring back J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson?


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