Pop-Ed: Dream Lego Sets


When I was a kid, LEGO sets were more about imagination and creativity. Sure, you could get a pirate set (which I normally did), or a railroad station, but then again, handing a kid a bucket of randomly assorted LEGOS and saying “have fun” wasn’t a crazy idea. In fact, it was awesome! There’s no telling what your mind could come up with, even if your building had no color coordination or real strict structure.

Even in the wake of The Lego Movie, blueprint building is still massively popular. Now, the British television phenomenon, Dr. Who, is getting its debut in the LEGO world. Blue Tardis pieces and block Daleks will enter the fray, and minifigs of the multiple docs will be stored on shelves in toy stores everywhere.

With that in mind, what other movies and tv shows deserve the LEGO treatment? I was offered a top five or top 10, so I had to shoot for ten. Well, actually 11. Now, keep in mind, all these choices are probably biased, but once your mind starts wandering to what great sets LEGO could give us, you’ll understand my way of thinking.

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