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TV Recap: Parks & Recreation, ‘Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington’ & ‘Pie-Mary’

Written by Megan LaBruna

Parks and Recreation

Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington Plot Summary:

While Leslie and April head to Washington, Andy assembles a team to help find April the perfect job. April continues to hide her desire to leave the parks department from Leslie, but it becomes overwhelming when Leslie presents April with her 5 year plan to move up the government ladder.

Photo Credit: Larry French/NBC
Photo Credit: Larry French/NBC

Although April (Aubrey Plaza) is planning to leave the National Parks department, she continues to hide her intentions from Leslie (Amy Poehler), under the belief that Leslie can’t handle the truth. Ben (Adam Scott) suggests that April share her feelings with Leslie until Leslie has a minor freak out over April’s suggestion to change the font of an outline for their Washington trip.   Deciding to keep a secret from Leslie can be tough, especially when she presents April with a binder during their scheduled 28 minutes of free chat before boarding the plane, outlining a five year plan to help April navigate her way up the ladder of government. Not being a person who ever has a plan, and especially not one that spans over five years; April starts to feel overwhelmed. The “Gov Buds for Life” t-shirts Leslie made for them don’t help the situation either, though they do look fantastic.

Once in Washington the gals rock their meetings and even have several interesting run ins with various senators, including Barbara Boxer, Cory Booker and John McCain, to name a few.   Leslie is offered a job as the Deputy Director of Operations which she accepts right away. Having accepted the position, she presents April with an updated version of her 5 year government plan. Thank goodness she has a binder maker on retainer in Washington! Leslie’s enthusiasm gets the best of April and she finally comes clean to Leslie about her aspirations to leave the department. Leslie, being Leslie freaks out until she had a discussion with her good friend Madeleine Albright, who points out that Leslie means well, but can sometimes get so excited about her plans for a person, that she doesn’t see what that person’s thoughts are. April also shares some surprisingly serious insight about how Leslie’s guidance has helped her to want to have goals in life. She immediately counteracts this serious side by telling Leslie she’s a witch who can cast spells if she wanted to, but the moment felt sincere and Leslie decides to help April in her career quest.

Photo Credit: Greg Gayne/NBC
Photo Credit: Greg Gayne/NBC

Back in Pawnee the guys have assembled to try to find April a job as well. Realizing they probably need more assistance, Ron (Nick Offerman) recruits Donna (Retta) and Gary (Jim O’Heir) to help create a new resume for April, since the one she applied to for the Parks internship was an autographed picture of Alf, as in the alien. Ben takes Andy and Ron to the accounting firm he has almost worked for several times now. After discussing what one of the positions might entail, Andy believes he has found the perfect job for April. Determined to get her the job despite April being unqualified for the position, Andy almost lights the hiring managers car on fire with fireworks. Luckily Donna and Gary put together a stellar resume and portfolio and the accounting firm offers April the job. Then, like many times before, Ben informs the accounting firm that April does not want the job and will not be accepting their offer.

Leslie works her magic to get April on the path to landing a new job by visiting the American Service Foundation, which helps to pair people unsure of where they want to direct their career with a job that lets them focus on their skill set. After meeting with a representative April realizes the perfect job for her is exactly that. Helping people to find a job that matches their credentials and then sending them far away from her. Leslie’s tenacity and extreme positive thinking pays off again!

Rating: 6 out of 10

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