Our Favorite Guilty Pleasure Rom Coms


Ah, Valentine’s Day.

What better way to celebrate this “day of love” than with a cinematic adventure. So, in honor of the big release of Fifty Shades of Grey (yeah there’s a joke in there somewhere), we got the staff together to talk about their favorite romantic movies.

But not just any romantic movies.

Like Christian Grey, we wanted to delve into the secret world of our writer’s minds. We wanted the dirty little cinematic secrets that they shared with only their most intimate of friends, relatives and/or significant others.

That’s right – the guilty pleasure rom com.

Those romantic comedies that are so bad, that they love them. The films that these writers admit has so many issues, are so predictable and so questionable, yet they still go back to them time and time again.

So here they are…

Our Favorite Guilty Pleasure Rom Coms.

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