The WWE-Ek: Making ‘Mania


Making ‘Mania

It’s getting closer.

I love this time of year. Finally, some decent weather. WrestleMania is weeks away. As we get closer the hype builds, although not as heavy as last year, we are going to get some great attractions.

Notice how I said “attractions” and not matches? The matches are attractions. This is the big event where the celebrity wrestlers come out, and we get some novelty matches which we do not always get during the rest of the year. As of this week, Daniel Bryan is officially in the Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship. I bet now the internet crowd is cracking. Who to root for? Dolph Ziggler? Dean Ambrose? Daniel Bryan? Sorry, but no one is rooting for R-Truth.

Wade Barrett… Primus of Cybertron, Barrett… What is going on here? Is he in the doghouse or something? I just cannot wrap my head around what I am seeing, Barrett reclaims title, and is reverted (is this even a word?) to jobberdom. The hell? Maybe no one else sees it, but the guy is talented! He can be funny! He can be serious! He can… Aw shit, he’ll be the next guy they try to do comedy angles with. It worked for Damien Sandow.

Have we all forgotten when Wade Barrett was on NXT, the scripted reality contest show? Then led the original Nexus, the New Nexus, The Corre all to championships? Well, The Corre was a bit of a flop, but the Nexus? He main evented against John Cena? I don’t understand why WWE suddenly wants to make him look like a chump. Maybe he is better at title chasing than title holding?

Luke Harper and Cody Rhodes are wildcards. No one is expecting either to win, which makes a victory by one of them all the more shocking. Harper was champ before, and he certainly has potential for a long career being able to be both a big man and a high-impact, high-risk move taker. Very versatile. Mr. Stardust claims Cody Rhodes is dead, but one has to wonder if a championship victory followed by a feud with brother Dustin is in the works. Do not be surprised if Goldust sheds the paint so Dustin Rhodes can bring his brother back to reality, or will this be more of a passing of the torch…or paint?

Brock Lesnar showed up on RAW, and thankfully Paul Heyman did the talking.

Curtis Axel got his match with Rusev, and was immediately demolished. Enter John Cena to force Lana into granting the rematch for the United States Championship.

Is it just me, or have all these matches been “made” by the wrestlers?

Bray Wyatt called out The Undertaker

Triple H called out Sting

All the combatants in the Ladder Match “officially entered” themselves.

Apparently it was up to Lana and Rusev whether to give Cena a U.S. Title match

Most of the Andre the Giant Battle Royal entrants announced their participation.

Which leaves Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar, a result of winning the Royal Rumble

The Tag Team Title match, yet to be set.

Seth Rollins and Randy Orton will probably ask the Authority for a match against each other.

Speaking of Orton, suddenly he thinks he is Steve Austin? I don’t see any beers or redneck vests, I’m not sure what I saw on RAW except the most predictable swerve, if you can even call it that, in recent memory.

I watched a video promo I had stored on my computer featuring Mr. Kennedy. Man, I loved watching him in WWE. The guy was a Mr. Money in the Bank once, could have been WWE Champion too. Real shame about him getting booted. Sure, he competed as Mr. Anderson in TNA/Impact, but the… impact… sigh… was never the same.

We are waiting to see if Samoa Joe will wind up in WWE. He is not that old, but one has to wonder if appearing on WWE or NXT will give his career a sorely needed boost. Hopefully his upcoming bookings in Ring of Honor might bring him back to his “home” and then see if it will give him what he needs to decide on signing with WWE or not.

Who knows, maybe he might just want to hang up the boots for good?


  1. What the hell are talking about no one is rooting for R-Truth.He does got his fans so stop with that no one cares Internet wrestling community mentality

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