Album Review: JEFF the Brotherhood, ‘Wasted on the Dream’

Written by Samantha Evans


With a mix of punk, hard rock and grunge, JEFF the Brotherhood has a quirky psychedelic sound with pounding drums and powerful guitar riffs. Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee the band has been rocking through since 2001. Being plastered all over magazines, radio, TV and film alike, the band has gained a huge following being named a “must-hear act” in 2011’s South by Southwest festival and “Best of What’s Next” in Paste Magazine back in 2010. Putting out albums since their first release in 2002, the band stays true to their unique sound with their most recent release Wasted on the Dream.

The album starts off with an electro-rock anthem “Voyage Into Dreams” which takes you on a psychedelic, musical journey. I feel like this would be a song you could blast on a road trip going 90 down the highway. The highlight of the next song, “Black Cherry Pie,’ is Jethro Tull lead singer and flutist, Ian Anderson’s flute solo which adds a very unique sound to this rock jam. I get a party-rock band vibe from this group. That being said, the third song on the album, “Cosmic Vision” seems like a song out of the typical ’80s video where the band is around some fancy car rocking out near some pretty, big haired girl.

“And we can stop and build a fire below the silver moonlight. And look each other in the eye and know that everything is alright.”

Getting into a darker state of psychedelic rock, the duo adds “Mystified Minds” into the mix. Next up, “Melting Place” has crazy guitar riffs and heart-pounding drums, the beginning stretch of guitar reminded me almost of Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” but not as impressive. Best Coast’s lead singer Bethany Cosentino collaborates with JEFF on “In My Dreams” adding some husky Courtney Love-esque vocals to the song. The seventh song on the album, “In My Mouth” is an interesting one to say the least giving a Weezer-like vibe.

Possibly my only favorite on the album, “Karaoke, TN” seems like a feel-good party song that you can rock your head and dance along to. “Coat Check Girl” the second single from the album, is a catchy jam that hooks you in with the typical pop-rock chorus. The second to last song on the album, “What’s a Creep” is every girls anthem for the guys that well…creep up on them when they are out. Taking the album home, “Prairie Song” is a dreamers cry to fulfill their own dream. “But I got caught up in the game. And I don’t like what I became.”

The album definitely got better as it went along however quirky it may be. With influences from Black Sabbath, Weezer and a little bit of Smashing Pumpkins, Wasted on the Dream is definitely an eclectic mix of music.

Album Rating: 6 out of 10

JEFF the Brotherhood’s Wasted on the Dream is available on iTunes and Amazon.

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