Community Season 6 Episode Review: Basic Crisis Room Decorum


Basic Crisis Room Decorum Plot Summary:

When Greendale is insulted by City College via a commercial yet to air, the gang does everything in their power to make sure Greendale’s reputation doesn’t sink lower than it already has.

The most I laughed during “Basic Crisis” is when the main subject of the episode, Ruffles, a dog who supposedly graduated Greendale with a degree, is the feature of a hate ad created by Abed. This is only because City College makes a commercial that deconstructs Greendale for giving that dog the aformentioned degree Honestly, I haven’t laughed at Community in such a way in a long time.

The show itself isn’t built on laughs, but instead, interesting characters who showcase flaws even with their supreme knowledge and cockiness about whatever they feel justified. However, I can’t help but feel that, even when it doles out humor in the best possible way, some of the main players here refuse to grow out of their normal ways.

No further is this factor proven than when Annie jumps at the chance to help Greendale fight City College’s slander, only to turn on her own ideas to not attack her college’s rival. Yes, we all know Annie is all about the better name, but wouldn’t it be interesting for her to step out of her comfort zone? When the gang presses forth to attack City College, Annie says that she will transfer over there if the dog’s value isn’t protected. Really?! Talk about extreme.

The whole context of the dog is what keeps the episode running, as it really is so silly that it seems Greendale would take part. The Dean avoiding any clear cut answer of the dog really leaving the college with a degree also adds fuel to the fun, along with some mysterious Asian kids posing as Jeff and teasing the Dean.

All in all, episode 3 had some moments, but while the main plot kept it afloat, along with anything containing Dean Pelton, most of the other portions fell flat. Woof.

Rating: 7 out of 10.