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Starve #1 Review

Written by Ryan Demarco


Image debuts another series that makes a compelling read that hopefully finds an audience. With an interesting premise and sharp writing, Starve looks to have an unconventional story that has a quick pace and ventures into unpredictable territory.

In a world where the free market is no more and global warming has laid ruin to the earth, 99% of the world’s population are lower class as the rest are among the elite. Both classes look up to one of most popular reality shows, called Starve, which features celebrity chefs facing off trying to transform disgusting trash into works of art. The show was created by middle aged celebrity chef Gavin Cruikshank, the books main protagonist. The story goes that Gavin walked off the show years ago and vanished virtually overnight. The show’s control fell into the hands of a rival chef, and his financial holdings stayed in his estranged wife, who hates his guts.


After years of staying in the Far East, Gavin is plucked out from “The Network” and is brought back to the states where is told to finish out the last eight episodes of his contract. Also in the mix is Gavin’s estranged daughter who hasn’t seen him in years. It’s at this point our main character decides that he will fight for what he gave up years ago and reclaim the things he’s lost.

Wood delivers a script with very dark humor and some very interesting characters in what is turning out to be a very disturbed world. The story moves at a very quick pace while always retaining a sense of realism especially with the global warming and clash of social classes. The art while stylized works well with the story in a very disjointed and crazy manner. The story as a whole feels unhinged and unsettling which is what I believe Wood and Zezelj were going after. Starve does a wonderful job of blending the conventional with unpredictable in this series debut. While the issue contains a couple uneven moments I still urge readers to be on the lookout for Starve.

Rating 8/10

You can read Starve #1 via the Comixology app on for iPhone and iPad



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