Interview: Atlas Bloom


Atlas Bloom Is (Band Members & The Instruments They Play): Andrew Funcheon: Lead Vocals/Drums, Eric Tapper: Guitar/Vocals, Josh November: Bass/Vocals

We Formed In: October 2012

We’re Based Out Of:  New York City and New Jersey

The Story Behind Our Name: We wanted a name that wouldn’t be taken literally, so we chose two words we liked and combined them to make an image that was evocative, but still able to be interpreted in a number of ways.

New Music Coming Out? YES! We are in the beginning of a two week recording phase right now! This will be our second official release, after our debut full length First Light released last year. It will be released in late Summer/early Fall of this year.


Who are your musical inspirations – from your own personal lives and from the world of music?

The three of us each come from different musical backgrounds, and combine our musical training and influences to create Atlas Bloom’s sound. Some of our favorite bands as a group are: Muse, Radiohead, Fleet Foxes, and Grizzly Bear, but those are just some of the artists that inspire us. I just graduated from Juilliard with my Masters in Classical Percussion, so my drumming, singing, and songwriting is heavily influenced by classical music, from Bach to contemporary. Josh, our bassist, in addition to being an excellent all around electric bassist studied Jazz Bass at William Paterson University, and lets his training show through in the parts he creates for our music. Eric, our guitarist, is also a versatile all around guitarist, who grew up studying the Blues and Rock legends of his instrument, only to turn convention on its head to forge his unique style.


Go back to the first show for Atlas Bloom. How do you think the band has improved/evolved since the first day you stepped on stage as a band?

If I had to chose one of the many (oops!) things that we have improved upon since our first show, I would have to say our stage presence. Since we are all trained musicians, the actual PLAYING of the music has never been too much of a challenge. But figuring out how to effectively present your music to an audience of people you have never met? That’s different. We have focused a lot of our efforts into figuring out ways to constantly make sure our shows are vital, engaging, and fun!

What’s been the most memorable moment at an Atlas Bloom show? The most outrageous?

For me, the most memorable moments at our shows always occur at the end of a set, if we are closing out with something heavy. Since I am behind the drums, I am sort of forced to stay in that general area to play my instrument, but Eric and Josh can of course move around more freely on stage. The most memorable moments will be in the middle of a heavy closing song, watching my two bandmates disappear into a crowd or mosh pit while still playing. Its can get pretty wild.

What Do You Love Most About Being in Atlas Bloom?

Getting to work with my best friends to make music that we write come to life. The rehearsal/song building process is definitely the most rewarding for me. The fact that we get to perform and share the music we pour our hearts into with our friends and fans is icing on the cake.

There are so many bands out there that play Absury Park. What do you think separates you from everyone else?


The members of Atlas Bloom are all seasoned instrumentalists, but our shows are all about the songs and the audience. We bring our music and our energy, and leave it all on the floor.

If someone had never heard your music before, and you had to recommend a track for them to listen to in order to full understand what Atlas Bloom is – what would that song be and why?

I would recommend the track “Overgrown” from our debut album. It features many of the musical qualities that we have continued to pursue in our newer music, such as driving danceable rhythms, three part vocal harmonies, lyric driven songwriting, and exciting instrumental playing.

What do you have planned for the rest of summer? The rest of 2015?

We are recording our newest material for the rest of June, for release in late Summer/early Fall. In July and August, Atlas Bloom is touring as far north as Montreal, and as far south as Richmond, as well as playing great local shows. This fall will have bigger tours, and even better local shows. See you there!

Atlas Bloom performs tonight at Happy Mondays at The Wonder Bar in Asbury Park with Dollys, The Color Atlantic and Andrew from Long Faces.


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