Buffy Season 10 #16 Review

Written by Marley Ghizzone


I am a die hard Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. Buffy is the reason I got into comics at all because I was not ready to let the characters and the world they inhabit go. Though you haven’t come here to read about me, I feel it’s only fair that you know I am super biased when it comes to Buffy. So yeah, obviously, I loved the newest issue in Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s season 10.

To quickly catch you up, we last left off with Spike being controlled by a demon lord. Specifically Archaeus, the demon lord that shares the same lineage with Spike. On a lesser note, Buffy and Spike are together (yay but also nooo, so many mixed feelings I LOVE EVERYONE.) But back to Archaeus. Guess who is also connected to him? That’s right, Angel!


Issue 16 is a Crossover Issue and it is so exciting. Old Demons Part One starts with good old fashioned relationship tension. Spike is nervous Buffy will leave him for Angel, Buffy doesn’t know what to think because of her ~history~ with Angel, and Angel is so mad that Spike and Buffy are together. Honestly, I think that they should just do a Brother Husbands setup.

But on to the fighting and stabbing. After fighting a morituri demon sent by Archaeus, the gang discovers that Archaeus has control over a portal and is letting other demons through. With a lead on Archaeus end goal, the gang can now begin to plan an attack to stop him. Another great installment to a great series.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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