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Marvel and Sony have found their Spider-Man


About a month ago, this very site had an article (written by this very author) about an actor playing Spider-Man in his own solo franchise, as well as joining forces with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Set to appear in Captain America: Civil War, it was reported that Asa Butterfield, star of Ender’s Game, was going to be the new Peter Parker.

Turns out that was all a bunch of baloney.

News broke today that Marvel and Sony FINALLY found their man (or I guess in this case, young man) in Tom Holland, a 19 year old British actor who has a credit in Locke, probably the only major motion picture he’s been in. Holland looks almost identical to actor Jamie Bell (who is appearing as another superhero, The Thing, in this summer’s Fantastic Four), so it would make sense he would be in the stage production of Billy Elliot, based on the film in which Bell starred.

This announcement is all well and good, but I can’t say I’m not burned out by this Spider-Man casting news. I feel like everyday was a new lock for an actor and then poof! Gone. As a fan, I really don’t care anymore-I just want to see this happen. Marvel and Sony hopefully made the right choice with this young actor. It’ll be interesting to see how the Russo brothers, directors of Captain America: Civil War, present the webhead, especially since we don’t know how far they are into producion. I also think it’ll be fun to watch this young kid swap wisecracks with the big boys of the Avengers. In conclusion, I don’t know who Tom Holland is, but I’m hoping this news is concrete. Mostly because the casting process has been so overwhelming, and also because it seems this kid has the Spidey acrobatics down pat.


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