The WWE-Ek: Ups and Downs


It is just me or are the “big old guys” in WWE getting the “will you retire already” treatment? Every time Seth Rollins cuts a promo on Kane, he refers to his glory days as being over. Mark Henry jobs on a regular basis, and Big Show is constantly questioned about how much more he has left in the tank. We can agree, these guys have been around for what feels like forever, but they have long and storied careers. Sure, Mark Henry only has one World Championship, while Show and Kane have many, but he’s always been loyal to the company.

I just find it interesting how Big Show, Kane, and Henry are constantly used as fodder, and on-screen portrayed as “days are numbered” over and over again.

Speaking of days being numbered, the internet once again is starting the Doomsday Clock for Impact Wrestling. This time, Gunner and Samuel Shaw were released, and then Austin Aries, Low Ki, Magnus, and TNA/Impact mainstay James Storm also asked to be released or sit out the remainder of their contracts. This comes on the heels of the not-so-shocking reveal of Jeff Jarrett returning to Impact television, delivering an impassioned speech about his passion for the business, and his entry into the upcoming King of the Mountain match.

Calling it now, Jarrett wins, ending TNA and officially kicking off Global Force Wrestling.

We left WWE Monday Night RAW with Seth Rollins and the Authority leaving Brock Lesnar laid out, beaten and battered in the middle of the ring. This was not something I expected. I also did not expect WWE to have Ryback mow down Big Show with ease either. A lot of unexpected twists lately, and this might be the build for a long term feud between Brock and The Authority. Brock is not necessarily a face, but the obvious fan favorite since he is going up against Rollins. Let’s not forget Sheamus having the Money in the Bank briefcase. Many feel he will join Damien Sandow and John Cena in the fail column. I can see WWE having Sheamus cash in on Rollins, and then have Brock take it from Sheamus in order to keep Rollins strong.

Oh, sorry, that cliché is reserved for Roman Reigns. Sure, everyone thought he was going to win Money in the Bank, but that would have been just as obvious as him winning the Royal Rumble. WWE was not going to make that mistake twice.

Speaking of Damien Sandow… I thought he was going to break away from the whole weird gimmick thing, but it seems to be his bread-and-butter right now. One has to wonder if Curtis Axel should be thanking Macho Mandow for this small lease on life.

Still reeling from the string of tragedy, losing The American Dream Dusty Rhodes, and “Nature Boy” Buddy Landel.

We have not heard from Sting in a while, nor do I expect to hear from him anytime soon.

Bray Wyatt remains creepy, but will the creep-factor only delay the inevitable? I love the gimmick, but I do not love the number of checks in the loss column. He does seem to pop out a big win here and there, such as his victory in the insane feud with Dean Ambrose. Although it seemed Ambrose got the bigger push than Wyatt. Bray needs a big win again. Putting him over Reigns would do great, because WWE will continue to push him anyway.

Love the Prime Time Players are tag champs. Really wishing for more in the tag team division though. Right now it’s them and New Day.

King Barrett got a win over Zack Ryder. That sadly, does not count for diddly squat.

I’m tapping out.