TV Recap: Under the Dome, Season 3 Premiere

Written by Jennifer Amato


My initial thoughts when watching the Season 3 premiere of Under the Dome were the same as my thoughts when I’ve watched every single episode thus far: I’m confused.

Perhaps I am impatient and don’t fully appreciate the suspense that builds in every scene of the Stephen King thriller, but it wasn’t until 56 minutes in that I said, “Wow, this could be a good season.”

I’ve watched the series since the beginning, but there are so many subplots in that it is difficult to keep track of what is going on inside and outside of the dome that covers Chester’s Mill. Even with the brief recap at the onset of the premiere, I still found myself wracking my brain to remember episodes past.

However, the story writers do an excellent job of keeping the audience hanging onto every word, as every action comes back to an explanation later on. This is the magic that is the Dome – you are so confused you become entwined in the plot to figure out the sequence of events, and before you know it, you’re figuratively caught under the dome as well.

My recommendation is to watch Under the Dome for its originality, creativity and ability to keep you on the edge of your seat. I do think it’s necessary, though, to catch up on the first two seasons because it is hard to understand the history of the characters and what their future could be without knowing the back story.

The suspense is awful and thrilling at the same time. Though after every episode I say I won’t watch again – I’m already counting down the minutes until tonight’s episode.

Under the Dome airs Thursday nights on CBS at 10pm.


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