Summerland Tour 2015: Everclear, Fuel & More: MayoPAC | June 21, 2015


The Summerland Tour 2015: Everclear, Fuel, Toadies and American Hi-Fi at the MayoPAC in Morristown, NJ

’90s nostalgia reigned supreme on Father’s Day in Morristown, New Jersey this year. The tour, now in its fourth year, featured perennial headliner Everclear (lead singer Art Alexakis created the fest in 2013 with Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath) as well as 90s hit makers Fuel, Toadies, and American Hi-Fi. Pop-Break’s Mike DelaPaz caught all the bands in action.

American Hi-Fi

The Toadies


Soul to Preach To
Empty Spaces
Bad Day
Puppet Strings
Hemorrhage (In My Hands)


Heroin Girl
Everything to Everyone
American Dream
The Man Who Broke His Own Heart
So Much for the Afterglow
Father of Mine
Some Rock and Roll Guitar, incorporating ERUPTION from Van Halen
I Will Buy You A New Life

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