While you are reading this, I am hawking my collectibles over at the Wayne Toy and Collectible Show. Hope you are enjoying your Fourth of the July, while I am sitting here looking like a damn fool.

Yesterday, WWE held its supershow in Tokyo, Japan, and it did not disappoint. We got a new NXT Champion, as Finn Balor defeated Kevin Owens for the NXT Championship, and a match between Chris Jericho and Adrian Neville earned a standing ovation. Sadly, Brock Lesnar’s “big match” at the supershow turned out to be massive dud, as he faced Kofi Kingston. Seriously? You send a guy like Brock Lesnar overseas and feed Kingston to him? Nothing against Kofi, but you might as well have put Brock in the ring with the Brooklyn Brawler. Lastly, the team of John Cena and Dolph Ziggler defeated Kane and Wade Barrett.

The live crowd was much different from the raucous craziness which American audiences are used to. They show respect for the sport. So much so, Kevin Owens and Finn Balor were showered with streamers before the championship contest. Beautiful sight.


Speaking of fools, is it just me, or did we see a week of comedy from WWE. This is not a dig at the program, but this week’s shows felt more light-hearted and not as gritty-serious as weeks prior.

Battleground is just two weeks away, but the five big matches have already been announced. Roman Reigns takes on Bray Wyatt. This could be a good match. Again, when Wyatt is in a feud, I worry about him. A clean loss is a setback, however his knack for upping the creep factor thanks in part to WWE creative and production is always a quick booster to the audience. Lately, Reigns has become more accepted as a face, but I still firmly believe once he is back in the WWE Championship picture, then “I told you so” and “of course they will push him” internet trolls will be at it again.

Speaking of trolls, those faceless computer desk dwellers really need to take a good hard look at John Cena. Although it is unnecessary, Cena is doing what he can put over Kevin Owens hard. The King of KO does not need the help, but having the company top dog giving the rub does not hurt him. What could hurt him is a second consecutive loss. This time, the match is for the United States Championship. With Finn Balor defeating Owens for the NXT Championship in Japan yesterday, this now leaves Owens in a prime position to be the man to take down Cena and claim the United States Championship.

The Prime Time Players are on a roll, and it is comedy gold to watch the New Day have nervous breakdowns on a regular basis.

Ryback vs. Miz vs. Big Show, hell, why not add Mark Henry in there while we are at it? Good grief. I want to watch this match for the sheer hilarity of it. Oh, and just to point out, Ryback still cannot lift Henry up for the Shell Shock.

Adrian Neville needs a match. I don’t care against who. Put him in the damn event.

Lastly, we know the build continues for Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar. I will save my comments about the match for the preview column in two weeks. I want to mention how, despite losing to Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank, WWE continues to script Dean Ambrose into the main event on a consistent basis. I would believe although not champion, seeing what Ambrose looked like with the title resonated with the fans and convinced whomever has the controls, Dean Ambrose can, and will be a credible WWE Champion. Might not be in 2015, but perhaps 2016 could be his year.