Asbury Surf Music Interview: Los Pocos Locos


We’re proud to be one of the sponsors of the second annual Asbury Park Surf Music Festival. The fest will be taking place on Saturday July 11th at the world famous Asbury Lanes in, you guessed it, Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Returning to the festival is Los Pocos Locos. We first saw the band when they were wee tamales performing at the former Edgar’s Pub (now Reef & Barrel) in Manasquan, New Jersey. Throughout the years, these hombres have honed their craft and have gone from that fun little band with fake mustaches, to that polished, season, awesome band with fake mustaches. Recently we caught up with the boys to talk about their upcoming performance at the Asbury Park Surf Music Festival.

Locos Is (Members & Instruments They Play):  Dirty Sanchez – Guitar,  Maxximmo Burritto – Bass, Petey Pequano – Drums

We Formed In: 2005

We’re Based Out Of: Asbury Park


The Story Behind Our Name: We are all a little bit crazy. Someone once told me I was ‘un poco loco’ (meaning I was a little crazy). I thought it would be the perfect name for a surf band I was starting up. It rolls right off the tongue. The only problem is, people can’t remember or pronounce our name because it’s in a different language. We have been introduced and referred to as everything from ‘Los Pocos Bros’ to ‘Los Pacos Tocas.’

Our Sound Has Been Likened To: We are influenced by all sorts of surf bands, but I think our key influence is Dick Dale.  I can’t remember anyone telling us we sound like anyone else.  That is exactly what I aim for as a songwriter.  The influences are definitely there, but we don’t sound like any other surf band out there. We are all about originality; even if it means not always fitting in.

What’s been your proudest accomplishment as a member of Los Pocos Locos?

There have been a few great moments and high points over the past 10 years, but I think the greatest accomplishment has been keeping the band together and keeping the soul of the band intact.  The three of us still enjoy the company of each other and we all still enjoy playing music together.  Most bands break up by this point in their careers.  We may not have reached the level of success that we would like to, but we continue to play shows and perform together on the premise that we enjoy ourselves when we do it.

What’s been one of the most outrageous things that’s happened during one of your shows?

One time we played a whole set with only three mistakes.  It was outrageous and left us wondering how we did it.

What do you love about being in Los Pocos Locos?

Los Pocos Locos is three brothers rocking out together.


There’s an endless sea of surf bands, and bands influenced by the surf sound — what separates you guys from everyone else?

I like to think that we don’t sound like many other surf bands. Los Pocos Locos music doesn’t always have that danceable surf beat.  The melodies and songwriting tend to be a bit more complex than most surf bands.  It may be difficult for people to grasp on to and understand at first listen.  Either way, they will be entertained by our live show.

You’ll be performing at The Asbury Surf Music Festival this year, which will be your second year doing so. Can you talk about the experience of performing at the very first ever, and why did you want to come back?

The first year’s version of the festival was an amazing experience, and knowing Vince Minervino, it’s only going to improve and grow each year.  Why wouldn’t a surf band want to be a part of this festival?  You have a chance to play to an audience that loves and appreciates surf music.

Will you be wearing your sweet Mariachi outfits at the fest?

It wouldn’t be a Los Pocos Locos show without the mariachi outfits!  We’ve also introduced some theatre aspects into our live show. Maybe a bullfight and an outlaw shootout? I can’t say anything else though. You will have come check us out at the Fest!

What is it about surf music that inspired you to form a band and play this type of music?


There are so many aspects of surf music that I love. As a performer, I like the idea that you can’t always rely on vocals and singing to communicate with the audience. Surf music is usually instrumental – you have to find other ways to draw the audience in.

I also just loved the feel of some of the early surf songs from the 60’s. The reverb, the eerie melodies, or just the beat and the raw energy of the music.

What is the ultimate surf rock anthem of all-time, and why?

‘Miserlou’ by Dick Dale. I don’t think many can argue that one.

What is your ultimate go-to surf-inspired/beachy style drink (e.g. Mai-Tai, Zombie, Margarita, a specific beer, etc.)?

I’m not sure…but I know Petey Pequano’s is Bud Light.

What are you most excited about for the band for the rest of 2015?

Increasing our setlist by adding new original songs and also re-learning some of the old ones to pull out at shows.  We’d also like to continue to find new ways to keep our live show entertaining, ridiculous, and humorous.

Los Pocos Locos performs at The Asbury Park Surf Music Festival on July 11. Click here for tickets.


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