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Taking place just weeks after the blood happenings in The Pact, after The Judas Killer has been killed, a copycat killer emerges. June (Camilla Luddington) begins having horrible, murderous nightmares that she finds are similar to the murders committed by the copycat killer. She may find she is closer to the situation that she ever wants to be.

June works in crime scene cleanup and her boyfriend, Daniel Meyer (Scott Michael Foster) has been assigned to a case of a woman murdered by the copycat killer. An FBI agent involved in the case, Agent Ballard (Patrick Fischler) comes to warn June that she may be a future target. Naturally, people she knows begin to die, so she contacts Annie (Caity Lotz), the survivor of The Pact, to try to get some answers about The Judas Killer. When that doesn’t work out quite like she plans, June and Daniel compile some theories of their own; they just need to survive.

Prior to hearing about The Pact 2, I had never actually seen the first film. Luckily, Netflix has the first film available for streaming, so I was able to pull a double feature. The first film is sort of your typical low budget paranormal mixed with murderer film. The acting isn’t spectacular and the hour and a half of film drags to feel like two hours or more. It wasn’t exactly the kind of movie that made me wish for a sequel.

With that being said, The Pact 2 is superior to its predecessor, which isn’t something I say lightly about sequels. The budget is obviously higher, the acting is better and, something everyone can appreciate, there’s more blood. Sure, it’s bit predictable-alright, very predictable, but that doesn’t really take away from anything. In fact, you’re really just wondering exactly how everything is going to go down since you pretty much already know the basic plot line to the ending.

Photo courtesy of IFC Midnight
Photo courtesy of IFC Midnight

My favorite part of the whole film is Patrick Fischler. Every single time I look at him, I see that scene in Mulholland Drive where he is sitting in the diner talking about his dream of the man behind the dumpster. He has this creepy vibe about him that makes him perfect for any weird movie or situation therein. There is something unnerving about his smile that makes him so difficult to trust. He was an excellent addition to the film.

I liked Caity Lotz a lot better in this film, probably because she wasn’t trying to be so hard. The situation in the first film made her truly strong and that is how her character should be. That is how her character becomes tough, not the forcible way they did it in the first film.

I wish they wouldn’t have left it open for another film because trilogies kind of ruin things. It is rare that the third film in a horror series is that great. Now, I’m sure you’re saying “Oh Ann, what about A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors?” or “What about Hatchet III?” I didn’t say it never happens, I just said it was rare. It’s really just best to leave things be when they are good.

If you were a fan of the first film, I think you’ll enjoy The Pact 2. Who knows? Maybe in the future we will even enjoy part three. In the meantime, go pick yourself up a copy.

The Pact 2 is now available on DVD and Blu-ray from IFC Midnight

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