SDCC 2015: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Meet Batman


Not long ago, the Ninja Turtles crossed over with the Ghostbusters in a comic book published by IDW. These two franchises meeting each other was a huge deal for many fans, so obviously trying to make lightning strike twice in the medium was a given.

This time, however, the platform of New York City that both the Ghostbusters and Turtles reside in will make way for Gotham (thanks to the dimension hopping of Krang and Shredder) and the four teenage mutants will need the assistance of Batman to make things right. This is an incredible idea! Michelangelo being jokey with the mostly stoic Dark Knight? This I gotta see/read.

Set to come out in November, combing works of both DC and IDW, the brightly colored green turtles will collide with the clad in black Batman in ways that will excite huge fans of both properties. It has also been stated that Batman villains will clash with the Ninja Turtles as well. The possibilities are endless for awesomeness. Can the heroes in a half shell start crossing over with Marvel characters in the future? Yes please thank you.