The WWE-EK: Presented By Comic-Con… Or Not…


Welcome to this week’s edition of… The WWE-EK:

What you have probably read on the internet already:

NXT wrestlers were at comic-con, Brock Lesnar will be on RAW and the possibility of some women from NXT joining Paige against the Bellas.

What you might have read online is the general disappointment and feeling of negativity with Jeff Jarrett and TNA working together to inevitably promote his Global Force Wrestling.

Obviously, I do not work backstage at Impact of GFW. I cannot imagine morale is high. For a while TNA/Impact seemed to be bouncing back, but something appears to have stalled out. Obviously the television deal is hurting the company, but is GFW the solution? It might be. If Jarrett really can create a big promotion which can be successful, then maybe Impact Wrestling should become part of it. Hell, I watched TNA when they first got air time on Fox Sports, and put on damn good shows. It is a shame the company has faltered, but let’s not count them out just yet.

As for WWE-land, the build to SummerSlam grows, and Battleground will be the foundation for it. I do not expect major events to take place, however I do expect events to flow in the next month towards the “Biggest Party of the Summer.” We have seen a lot more involvement from NXT, and a lot of positive press too. I would love to see a Team NXT vs. Team WWE match. Half the chants on RAW are for NXT, the time is nearing for us to see NXT more often. Sure, it is a main draw for the WWE Network, but in order to continue getting those who are not subscribed, you have to give a small look at what they have been missing out on.

Speaking of missing out, you are not missing out on Tough Enough. I love Chris Jericho, but his hosting skills are in serious need of improvement. Good grief he sounds like a cartoon. As for the panel, I truly believe Paige is the only one who is genuine. I hate seeing a live audience, this is not American Idol or Dancing With the Stars. There is way too much over the top drama, and it’s only a couple of episodes in. This is not the Tough Enough I remember. The original Tough Enough was a lot better, as opposed to this unwatchable crap.

Sorry, but I had high expectations for this.

Lastly, I have to give big time credit to John Cena and Cesaro for their match on RAW. I was pleasantly surprised as to how well Cena and Cesaro worked together and the fact, while knowing there was no way Cena was losing the title, you almost forgot that fact long enough to believe Cesaro could win. It was a phenomenal match.