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Dave Matthews Band: Susquehanna Bank Center | June 26, 2015


The Dave Matthews Band at The Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ

Don’t ever doubt the power of The Dave Matthews Band, especially when they’re in New Jersey.

When DMB comes to the Garden State, everyone stops what they’re doing, buys every ticket they possibly can to every show he’s playing and flood social media with musings and reminiscences of ‘Dave.’

Pop-Break sent their resident Dave-head, Mike DeLaPaz to the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, New Jersey for the first night of DMB’s two-night stand. The performance was comprised of an acoustic set (featuring Tim Reynolds) and electric set. During the electric set Gov’t Mule guitarist Warren Haynes showed up to jam with Dave.










Take Me to Tomorrow (John Denver cover) (Dave solo)
Butterfly (Dave solo)
Bartender (Dave & Tim)
One Sweet World
Two Step
Recently (“Pretty Pretty Girl” outro; “… more )
Water Into Wine
Funny the Way It Is
What Would You Say

Big Eyed Fish
Lie in Our Graves
Black and Blue Bird
Belly Belly Nice
Virginia in the Rain
Improv Jam (Played while Dave introduced The Lovely Ladies)
Save Me (Dave Matthews song) (with The Lovely Ladies)
Down by the River (Neil Young & Crazy Horse cover) (with Warren Haynes, The Lovely Ladies and Matt Cappy)
Smooth Rider (with Warren Haynes, The Lovely Ladies and Matt Cappy)
Be Yourself (with The Lovely Ladies)
Jimi Thing (With Matt Cappy; “Sexy MF” interpolation)
Granny (with The Lovely Ladies)

You Might Die Trying


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