TV Recap: WWE Battleground

battleground recap


He’s Back!!!


We did not see this one coming. The Undertaker has returned. The look on his face, you just know this feud is going to be full of rage. Brock looked terrified, and we saw no sign of Seth Rollins when the show ended. The bell did not ring, no winner announced. Either Brock gets a rematch, or Rollins gets a new opponent at SummerSlam. Despite the crazy finish, the match itself was as we expected. Rollins trying his damnedest to get some sort of offense in, but wound up being overpowered and tossed around with 13 suplexes to the delight of the live crowd. Rollins sold it all like a million bucks. So what happens now? Undertaker vs. Lesnar at SummerSlam? This would be an unexpected surprise. Although it does nothing but stall the time until Lesnar regains the championship. The Streak is still broken, and that is something which can never be undone.

I would have laughed if the lights went off again, and Sting would be in the ring.

The pre-show kickoff made me happy as my prediction was wrong. Your one and true King, Wade Barrett finally defeated R-Truth, the impostor, once and for all.  I also enjoyed hearing JBL make a reference to T.L. Hopper. The real question is, does Barrett finally get a deserved push, or are future matches with Zack Ryder next on the agenda?

The main program started off with a craptastic slow-as-molasses snail race between Orton and Sheamus. As expected, Orton won the match but this one did nothing for him. He beat Sheamus. So what? The Celtic Warrior has the briefcase, and as we have seen in the past, losing means nothing if you cash in and claim the WWE Championship. Where Orton goes, who knows?

In a great tag team championship bout, The Prime Time Players successfully retained the titles. Titus was the MVP as usual, and I love Xavier Woods as the man on the outside. He does not shut up and will remind you of it. Few points I thought the New Day had it in hand, but the PTP did not give it. Kudos to WWE for letting them take the ball and continue to run with it. Only time will tell if the New Day will continue to entertain with comedic shenanigans or if the trio will start to snap.

I was surprised my next prediction was accurate. Bray Wyatt did defeat Roman Reigns in a good match. Reigns… ahem, looked strong, while Bray Wyatt looked like a puppet master pulling the strings of everyone. Wyatt can move like a lightweight. Reigns looked better tonight than he has in recent days, so perhaps his overall skills are improving. Wyatt appears to have the win multiple times, but Reigns never gave in. Only until a hooded fellow at ringside clobbered Reigns, and revealed himself to be Luke Harper, giving the edge to Bray to capitalize and win.

Family getting back together?

In a bonus match, Charlotte Flair defeated Brie Bella and Sasha Banks. Wonderful match. Banks and Charlotte stole the match, and what added to the entertainment? Every time Brie returned to the ring, the crowd mercilessly booed her until she got tossed. Again, I have not felt excited about a women’s match in a long time. Charlotte wins with the Figure Eight.

Okay… Here is where we hit a massive bump in the road. John Cena defeated Kevin Owens, by submission. Owens tapped out. The match was awesome. The match was amazing. It was perfectly crafted. Owens showed his anguish and desperation to win. Cena had some great facial expressions after each kick out of a “big time move.” Cena was mocked by Owens, using his own moveset against him. Cena hit an AA off the top. Owens hit the Pop-Up Powerbomb. We got moves never before seen from both, and some massive high impact and high risk moves from Owens which were jaw dropping. Sadly, this match ended in the worst way possible. With months of build, Kevin Owens TAPPED out to the STF. Just like that, the push is over.

Am I mad Owens lost? Yes. Because it was the wrong thing to do. You want to keep the belt on Cena, fine, but no way should it have been clean. Owens just became yet another name on Cena’s “I beat you, and I beat you, and you” list. This was pushed as the tie-breaker. With each having one victory over the other, this was to definitively determine who was better. This was the time for the new guy to win, not Hogan 2.0.

Cannot forget to include the Miz coming out for a long-winded “I hate Ryback” tirade, which was meant to be long winded. He says Big Show should retire, which of course, brought out Big Show. He steps into the ring, and decked the Hollywood Arrogance with the KO Punch. Now this needs to be Show’s new gimmick. Someone cuts a stupid or long promo? Big Show arrives to knoch them out, and then leave.

Well, we have to tune in tomorrow to see what the hell is going to happen next. Am I right? Fatal Four Way for the United States Championship? Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Roman Reigns with the WWE Championship on the line?