311 Does New Jersey – Photos From Stone Pony & Borgata


311 with The Green at The Stone Pony Summerstage

Words by Kenny Pete, Photos by Kimberly Wessels

311 rolled into The Stone Pony this past Saturday night to bring their annual Summer party to Asbury Park. Excited fans we’re lined around the block & down the street waiting for the summer stage gates to open & the official festivities to begin. While on line to get into the venue, I noticed license plates from all over the East coast with New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maryland, Delaware & of course New Jersey all represented. Once inside the venue, the crowd was buzzing and looking forward to one of the few Northeast appearances that the band would be making.

Kicking things off on the outdoor summer stage was The Green, a 6 piece reggae band from Hawaii. With amazing vocal harmonies & incredibly catchy summertime grooves, The Green is the perfect way to kick off an awesome summer night. I highly recommend checking them out if you haven’t already because they are truly something special. Tearing through songs like “Love and Affection,” “What Will Be Will Be” and “Something About It” these reggae rockers from the 808 state of Hawaii got the sizable crowd ready to rock for the main attraction of the evening.


311 took the stage to a heroes welcome & had big smiles for the Asbury Park faithful. When lead singer Nick Hexum asked for a Guitar, everyone knew they were in for a special evening. Beginning the show with the rarely played “Transistor Intro” that segued directly into “Beautiful Disaster” one of their most recognizable songs, the band had effectively kicked this show of with a major statement. The Omaha rockers did a fantastic job with balancing a crop of their hit songs like “All Mixed Up,” “Amber,” “Come Original,” and “Down” with rare cuts like “Brodels,” “Gap,” “Stealing Happy Hours,” & “Nutsymptom” through out the night. With the limitless energy 311 bring to the stage, you wouldn’t think this was a band who are currently celebrating their 25th anniversary, but they are crushing numerous cities across the USA on a 26 date victory lap complete with pre-show meet & greets fueled by their own brand of 311 Amber Ale and treating fans to multiple song encores making sure everyone goes home happy. With 12 albums, countless tours and 25 years under their belts, 311 doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.


Transistor Intro,
Beautiful Disaster
Omaha Stylee w/ intro
Ebb & Flow
All Mixed Up
Rub A Dub
Large In The Margin (w/ Drum Solo)
Come Original
First Dimension
What Was I Thinking
Stealing Happy Hours
Livin’ & Rockin’

Freak Out
Creatures for a While



311 – Photos by Kimberly Wessels


“Beautiful Disaster”

“Omaha Stylee”



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