Mulan Revelations #2 Review


I am becoming a fan. Why don’t comics put out an issue every week? It’s supremely unfair. I loved the first issue of and subsequently enjoyed this weeks issue. As Mulan and her uncle are being surrounded by the Sinotech’s corporate police force, her uncle activates her inner power. Mulan becomes a giant glowing light of kick assery and destroys the people trying to capture her. However, she is unable to protect her uncle who is now being held hostage by Sinotech. With the help of an American tourist, Mulan gets the hell out of dodge. She is imparted all the knowledge and memories of those before her which allows her to find a cool secret lair.

I think that the second issue did a good job keeping the story moving without giving anything away. We still don’t know much, but a world, a mythology, and a history are forming in a natural way. Sometimes world building can be more tell than show. It can be obvious and boring. But Marc Andreyko is doing the exact opposite. The building and the history is interesting. At times it might even be more interesting than the immediate problem.

Mulan 2

The fight scenes are so cool. Micah Kaneshiro, keeping in line with the cyberpunk genre, has kept most of the panels dark and almost smudgy. But when Mulan goes into fight mode, he brings her and the action to life with bright purples.

I hope, as the comic moves forward, that more of Mulan’s character is revealed. Right now she has a good base, but is in danger of becoming semi-two dimensional if her destiny is relied on too heavily to inform Mulan as a character. Mulan Revelations #2 was a great read and left off on a compelling cliffhanger that has made certain I will continue reading each new installment.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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