Deadpool’s Trailer Trailer Drops

Wilson is coming. Less than one month ago, a Deadpool trailer was shown at San Diego Comic-Con to anyone lucky one to sit in at the panel. Shortly after, Deadpool lovers took to the internet to see any bootlegged versions available before they were taken down. The wait for a publicly released trailer has left fans salivating, but the wait is nearly over. Tomorrow evening, during Conan (11pm on TBS), Deadpool will finally have his say, and he’s going to say a lot. Ryan Reynolds portrayal of the Merc with a Mouth was once just a pipe dream, but after the internet went crazy in the wake of a CGI Test Footage video featuring the black and red clad anti-hero released a few years ago, Reynolds made his mission to make a Deadpool movie a reality.

The movie will be a hard R, giving fans the Deadpool flick they all want and deserve. The “trailer trailer” released today, teasing the trailer coming tomorrow, just scratches the surface of Wade Wilson’s alter ego, who breaks the fourth wall and pokes fun at the Deadpool who was not allowed to speak in X-Men: Origins. The trailer trailer has been constantly watched via my phone, at least 10 times. This is how you do a teaser trailer for a trailer, and I refuse to hear anything otherwise. I honestly can’t wait for this movie, nor for the actual trailer tomorrow. Without hesitation, I haven’t looked forward to a superhero movie this much since The Avengers. Yeah. Stay tuned for the trailer and my thoughts on it.

Deadpool won’t shut the hell up on February 12th, 2016. What a wonderful early Valentine’s Day present!